Im Confused About My CM

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Stephy - February 12

I'm still confused about the discharge.. okie.. i had whitish yello discharge on the feb 3-4 and from jan 28-31 once in a while i will have those dicharge smaller amount.. mostly kind of noticed a bit of marking on panties and then my period should be here around feb 19th or 20th and then i had clear slippery raw eggwhite discharge on feb 6th... and then feb 8..9..i had a bit more whitish yellow discahrge and 9th and 10th and 11th i kidna felt wet sometimes and saw abit of white creamy discahrge but the amount was very small just on the edge of my fignernail when i felt myself around .. then today is the 12th.. this morning i saw a bit more around of white discharge but mostly before i wanna pee and after i pee but then kinda dry afterwards just a bit of dry (my logical reasoning is i can't be ALL dry down there) adn then feb 12th afternoon.. i kinda have a bit og clear discharge on my finger when i felt myself and it's kind of stretchy.. so am i pregnant? I DO NOT WANNA BE PREGRNANT AND NOT READY!


m - February 12

You can not tell from your cervical discharge alone if you are pregnant. You usually have discharge the consistency of an egg white when you are around ovulation time. Did you have unprotected s_x when you may have been ovulating? I would not a__sume you're pregnant if you have a different kind of discharge. Take a test if you miss your period.


Stephy - February 12

i know i am only 6dpo but then i am only also about 7-8 days until my next period.. so shoulnd't i nto have those clear white mucus.. however they don't seem to be around much when i don't wanna pee... a while before i wanna pee when i touch myself i see it.. if not then i don't usually clear or white discharge.. i mean it's kind of like moist but i mean i can't be all dry... just like ur skin even if u have dry skin u still have oil on it ad sometimes you feel it... so yeah.. anyone else?


bump - February 13




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