Im Growing A Mustache

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curious - December 5

I have been having a million other signs but I was curiuos if this was one thanks


Grandpa Viv - December 5

This is not one that gets noted often, especially not early, but it is supposed to be due to increased androgen production. I wonder if it means a boy? Your hair may change in other parts of your body, too.


hey - December 5

I grew a beard right before bfp. Had to shave it off before dh got jealous.


curious - December 5

Thanks you guys! I am really hoping I am having a boy. I am probably only 7 weeks along I should skip my period this week I should know soon. *fingers crossed for a bfp!!!*


Jeanette - December 5

LOL! I laughed my b___t off reading this. As an Italian woman, I already have a join the club!! LOL!


me too.... - December 5

us italians can be a tad bit harry....LOL!!


??? - December 5

My doctor told me facial hair is a possible sign of PCOS.


Natasha - December 6

I have that problem - I have PCOS and I am dark skinned (for an Irish girl!) so that has been a problem. I am currently undergoing laser to remove it on my face! Curious, are your periods regular??


Jenny - December 6

Jeanette!! I am Laughing MY b___t off reading YOUR comment. I was just about to write the SAME THING!!! I have a mustache too and I'M NOT PREGNANT!!! LOL! Good luck to all TTC!!!


curious - December 6

my periods have been regular for 5 years. They became irregular about a month ago. I should skip this week!!! *fingers crossed*


Natasha - December 7

if your periods are regular, that's a good sign you don't have PCOS. Many women have moustaches and don't have PCOS. If you're dark skinned this can make your facial hair more noticeable. Have you had a bfp yet?? I am nearly 6 weeks late and only bfn's and loads of symptoms. I even look pregnant now this week. I wish I knew either way. I am going to the doctors on Monday to insist on a blood test if I still have no AF. Hope you get a bfp soon.



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