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Jennifer - October 10

I was due on saturday for AF but Im gonna wait until thursday to test,because honestly, Im scared it going to be a BFN. This happened to me a few onths ago, my AF was 4 days late and I was freaking. The day that AF was due my temps dropped below my coverline, but now they are back up. I hope im pregnant because this is stressing me out! Good luck to you girls....I pray for a BFP for us all


sweetness4ever - October 10

Hi, I am currently 3 days late myself. And I am freaking out also. I took a hpt this morning and got a bfn, so that just enhanced my craziness. I have no idea as to what it can be. I am usually regular. the only symptoms that i can think of is slight cramping thats been ongoing for over a week now. and usually i only cramp right before AF shows up. And my left b___st and nipple has been ver itchy. sorry if tmi. I am just going crazy I have never been prego before and don't understand what is going on.


Jennifer - October 10

It may be to early to tell, wait a few days. I tend to ovulate late in my cycle so I cant take tests 8,10,12 DPO or I will get a BFN. So thats why I am waiting. Here are my symptoms. Evevated temps, achy b___bs, increase CW(sorry,tmi) and on the day it was due, I have pink in my CM one time, then it was over. Good luck to you.


bump - October 10



staci - October 10

hi! i was also due for af on saturday...nothing yet...tested suday but bfn :( i am supposedly 20 dpo from what fertility friend calculated, temps are on the rise, having odd cramps/twinges, not af cramps, bbs are tingly and wierd cm been mildly nauseous for the past few days...not sure when to test again! just wanted to let you know a few of my symptoms...i'm afraid to test again also! so tired of seeing bfn for 6 cycles! but this is the only month i've actually felt pg...good luck to you and let us know how things go!


Jennifer - October 10

My fertility friend says im 15 DPO so I have decided im going to bite the bullet ans test in the morning. I will let you know what it says.Thanks for responding also.



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