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michelle - November 20

I really need someone advice... I think that I might be pregnant... I was on some medicine about 2 months ago and it threw my cycle off a little bit so I didnt think anything when I was a little late, but now I am scared that I might be. I'm scared because im still pretty young. ..and im scared of telling my family. I even had my friend get me a home pregnancy test and it came back it too soon to tell??? and are they fairly accurate??? (its ept test) im going to the doctor next week because im scared. whats some early warning signs if youre pregnant... PLEASE HELP!!!!!


Kels - November 20

Some early signs are sore b___sts, cramping, dizziness, nauseus, etc. If the test came back positive you are most likely pregnant, but it is a good idea to double check with your doctor. Good luck!


Samantha - November 20

please if you are preg and dont want this baby dont abort it. you never know who he/she will turn out to be and doesnt everyone have the right to live the (possible) baby is depending upon you to bring it into this world, there are many women out there who cant have children and would love to adopt. dont let your baby down.


E - November 20

False positives are extremely rare so you are likely pregnant. I am so sorry to hear about your situation. I strongly urge you to talk with your family about it as they may be able to help you decide what to do. If you abort, you will be sick (cramps, bleeding, emotional) for a few days following so they may be suspicious. Adoption is an option but it is understandable why a woman would not want to carry a baby to term and give it away. Lastly, you can decide to keep your baby and raise him/her with your family's help. How old are you? I will skip the warning signs b/c you already have a + test.


JJ - November 20

you can get a false negative with these tests but never a false positive. you def need to speak to your doc. good luck. Don't let anyone pressure you into something you do not want to do. :-)


michelle - November 20

well im pretty positive now that I am pregnant.... I had my second test as a "second opinion" at my friends house tonight. it also came back positive. I just turned 21 a few weeks ago..and ive only been with my boyfriend since feb. he thought i was pregnant before i even thought i was and he made some comments that really scared me, and i dont want to go into this thinking that im going to raise my baby alone. I have seen how my family reacts to young people like myself having kids and it scares me, beause I dont think they will accept it... they are FIRM believers in kids AFTER you get married. and i could never have an abortion, regardless of what my family or my boyfriend wanted me to do because I dont believe in abortions. Im just really scared right now and Im going to the doctor probably monday or tuesday...but I already know the outcome....


E - November 20

Michelle, prepare for a baby and to find some strength in yourself that you never knew you had. You are very much an adult and there is no reason that your family's reaction should scare you too much. There is nothing they can do and they will have to accept your decision to keep the baby, as it sounds like that is what you feel you need to do. I wish you the best and good luck telling them. They may handle it better than you are fearing.


Cutie - January 26

You are likely pregnant, but dear Michele, dont abort the baby if you are pregnant. Abortion is not good for you, nor for the life inside of you sweety! Talk to someone who can understand you :) God Bless



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