Im Not Sure If Im Still Pregnant Need Help

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kdcb - January 23

I took a pregnancy test on the 19th cause i missed my period and it said pregnant [[used clear blue digtal]] 3 days later I went to planned parent hood to confirm the pregnancy and they said it was negativ... but im still have symptoms of pregnancy and there still hasnt been a sign of a miscarriage.. can someone please help me.. this is my first pregnancy and im really worried..


Grandpa Viv - January 24

hCG levels fluctuate with time of day and how much you have drunk recently. You may have used a more sensitive test than Planned Parenthood. Buy a couple of Dollar Store tests and use them on first morning pee, dip method, several days apart. If they are positive, you can go back to Planned Parenthood and by that time your hCG levels will be high enough to register on their test. GL!


kdcb - January 26

Grandpa Viv.. i took another test and it said negative but i was also just drinking alot of water right before i had to pee. is it possible that maybe i was pregnant n i miscarried n havent bled yet.. or is it possible that i had a false postive but the only thing is i have never missed a period before. my sister in law said that is possible that my hcg levels could be low and that its hard to detect them on the test. im just confused and dont wanna stress alot cause i know that wont be good.


Grandpa Viv - January 26

You would know it if you had miscarried. I wonder if that positive test was read in the 10 minute time frame, or if you were looking at an evapoation line an hour later. Let's have some dates. When was your period due? When and what kind of contraceptive malfunction did you have? By next weekend you will be 10 days late and a Dollar Store test on first morning pee, dip method, should be accurate. An upset cycle and pregnancy signs can come from a cyst or glandular problems. GL!



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