IM ONLY 14 It Wus An Accident

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tessa - September 10

well we didnt even plan on doing it we were just kind of fooling around when it went in not even all the way.. but all of a sudden he thought he c_med so he pulled it out... we think it wus pre-ejaculation.. later that night i got my period.. is it possible i can get pregant?


bob - June 16

sry i dont no kiddo


nick - June 19

i like this story because i am in the same spot you are in. my story is exactly like yours but its ok as long as he didn barry himself in and c_m inside of u . did u clean out when u were done (pee)? that would help! dont worry i know its hard not to cuz i worry ALOT ill be prayin for [email protected] fell free if u need some one to talk to


mere - June 19

Nick i wish that were true. But tessa u can get pregnant from pre ejaculation. It actually has more sperm in it then regular c_m Take a test dear and keep us posted


tessa - June 19

its me..if you guys would liek to talk to me my aim screen name is xmisspimp4lyfx i dont have email...please post something if you have any suggestions for me at all.. does it matter if it didnt go in all the way?


Lally - June 20

Yes, it is possible to get pregnant even during your period. I wish you the best. Now that you know maybe you should get condoms if you plan to continue having s_x. Also, you are not only at risk of getting pregnant but also at risk for STD's (s_xually transmitted diseases). Such as HIV, Herpes, Chlamydia, Syphilis, genital worts etc., Abstinance is the best remedy but if not... then condoms. I wish you luck.


tessa - June 23

IT'S ME~ i dont know what im going to do.. honestly.. i still have to wait like 2 or 3 more weeks just to take a test and are they even 100% sure most of the time? i mean if it says im not is it correct??? if i am i dont know what i'll do im only 14 and my parents will kill me...ill run away.. HELP PLEASE!


Miss E - June 23

Tessa, you are probably not pregnant, so don't get too worked up over this. You got your period that night right? This probably means that you were not fertile at that time, and the lining of in your uterus was already shedding. I know it can be stressfull not knowing for sure, but trust me, you shouldn't worry too much. Just start using condoms, you are so young, you've got your whole life ahead of you. If he doesn't want to wear a condom then you shouldn't have s_x with, thats like playing with a loaded gun. If you start getting pregnancy symptoms (Missed period being the main one)after 4 weeks then take a Home pregnancy test if you don't want anyone to know. You can also go to you local department of health services and take the test for free.


tessa - June 23

i want to thank everyone for there help but please keep posting me becuase i need to get throught these couple of weeks.. im stressing alot!!!!


tessa - June 24

does it matter if it didnt go all the way in??


Shelly - June 25

The p___s doesn't have to go in at all, just the sperm. Sperm canjust be introduced to the outside of the v____al opening and still have a chance of pregnancy. It is also possible to introduce sperm on a finger near or inside the v____a. Good luck. You'll probably be fine this time. Ues a condom from now on.


lex - June 25

you r proberly not pregnant if u came on your period the next day there is only a couple of days 2 weeks before your period where u r likely 2 get pregnant don't worry


Ceiarra - June 27

Sweety, i highly dought you are pregnat. A women is most able to get pregnat 2 weeks before her period. And also, it ussally takes mounths if not years for women to get pregnat. So i wouldnt worrie about that. But you should go to the doctor to check for stds


hello - June 27

No it doesn't matter if it didn't go in all the way. Pre-ejaculate is just as fertile as the rest of it.


Mary - June 28

It does not take every woman months or years to get pregnant. Some women do have problems becoming pregnant...but...Many women have had intercourse once and become pregnant. Goodness women have even became pregnant while on the pill or using a condom. You are probably okay this time but now you know. Also, using the restroom after intercourse does not clean you out...once sperm gets in it is in.


amanda - June 30

tessa, if you got your period then no you cannot be pregnant, but you should really always have a condom with you if you plan on having s_x no matter what. be safe!


A - June 30

Oh my girls! So you think peeing will "clean you out?" The v____a is totally separate from your urethra where urine comes out. Pre-ejaculate (in your v____a) still has sperm in it, and can get you pregnant. So if you are for sure you had your period that same evening, you probably arent pregnant -- but to make sure Id purchase a test at Walmart and take it. I dont mean to be blunt or mean to you at all -- so dont take this the wrong way. Someone needs to tell you up front that peeing does not cure your problem or clean out anything other than your bladder.



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