IM ONLY 14 It Wus An Accident

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A - June 30

Oh my girls! So you think peeing will "clean you out?" The v____a is totally separate from your urethra where urine comes out. Pre-ejaculate (in your v____a) still has sperm in it, and can get you pregnant. So if you are for sure you had your period that same evening, you probably arent pregnant -- but to make sure Id purchase a test at Walmart and take it. I dont mean to be blunt or mean to you at all -- so dont take this the wrong way. Someone needs to tell you up front that peeing does not cure your problem or clean out anything other than your bladder.


To Nick - July 2



Jess - July 2

The fact that you got your period that same night would suggest to me that you probably will not get pregnant. Next time use protection and then you won't have to worry. I agree with everyone esle that it is possible to become pregnant by pre-ejactulation.


tessa - July 7

its me - - > well i didnt say that peeing would clean me out and i nevr said that sumone said that to me.. but i didnt try peeing any way so it dusnt rilly matter.. but my question now is.. i dont keep a regular chart of my period or ne thing and i have no idea when i am suppose to get it.. should i wait to see if i get my period before taking a test and if i do get my period what should i do then??? plz help asap!


Holly - July 7

Yes, it is possible to be pregnant, but also don't stress too much, stress can make you miss a period. Your best bet, if you can't go to a doctor is to go to Planned Parenthood. They can do a blood test, and yes, use condoms.


tessa-- - July 8

okay guys i got my period last night!!!!! is that good?????? wut should i do next???? just wait and see if i start to see symptoms... what are some early ones i might see?? HELP


just a friend - July 10

okay kiddo, you got your period, you are almost definately not pregnant. Now, relax about it, and instead of having more unprotected s_x, go to the library and read some books on s_xual intercourse and the consequences..(namely pregnancy and STD's)...I don't mean to be harsh with you, but if you don't know the facts about something you really shouldn't be doing it!


Renelyn - July 12

omg Tessa...i am in ur EXACT situation!!! i'm 14 and i had snuck out to go meet up with my boyfriend and he stuck his thing in me w/ out a condom....but it didn't go in all the way...well he had c_mmed before he stuck it in and i don't know whether sum of the sperm went in me...but i few days after...i got my period and i was kinda releived. is that a sure thing that i'm not pregnant? e-mail me at [email protected] plz.


its me! - July 13

its me.. omg im kinda scared everyone yes i did get my period but today my period is starting to disspapear but all of a sudden i got all this brown gooey stuff instead of blood... wut could this mean? wut should i do?


Amy - July 13

sry guys i really dont got answers for u, maybe talk to a friend or an older cuzin or brother or sister, u shouldn't be unprotected s_x in the first place but thats not my place to say anythin about it, maybe u should go to the doctor somehow, good luck!


TESSA - July 13



jo - July 14

Tha brown gooey stuff as you have put it is normal for after you have finished your period, if you are still worried about it see your doctor or go to a family planning clinic where you can talk in privacy


jo - July 14

That brown gooey stuff that you said about that is what normally happens after you get a period but if you are still worried speak to someone like a family planning clinic or your doctor when its confidential jo x


psycho - July 14

14? s_x? wth?? If you cant have a baby or do not want a baby , then dont have s_x!! or talk to your parents to get some bc, you can even get it with out your parents.


docjes - July 14

Hey kids, I'm a doc and i just saw ur comments. First of all 14 is way too young to even be thinking of s_x. You girls are still kids.Enjoy ur childhood days. But its ur life, and i'm no one to tell u. Next,if u get ur period, it means ur not pregnant...97% of the time. If u r really scared wait another month for ur period.But that is not the first thing u should worry about when u had unprotected s_x. There are diseases out there that can scar u for life!And scar ur babies that u will have in the future. Do u really want that?? Use a condom. Guys will make all sorts of excuses for unprotected s_x, including but not limiting to "I forgot to buy some" and "I've never done it with anyone so it doesn't matter". Well, ITS UR BODY AND UR LIFE!!there are lots of drugstores at almost every street corner. If he can put pressure on u to have s_x, u can pressure him to buy it before u do it. Life is short kiddos! Dont make it too hard! Next about peeing. Sometimes, having s_x can cause bacteria to be introduced in ur urethra(the whole where ur pee comes from). Peeing after s_x is a good thing for two reasons. It cleans ur urethra so u wont get a urinary infection/kidney infection (where it burns when u pee) and it'll make u clean the rest of ur genital area. Please, please believe everything i say...I have seen girls who have babies that r blind or deaf, and those that have liver problems and cant live longer than 3 yrs. And then there are those women that cant have s_x with their husbands cuz they have a s_xually transmitted disease!Do u want these probs in ur life?? Pleae please protect ur self...and demand protection!!


Dawn - July 14

Hi dr. i hope u read this cuz i have a question for u that i dont want to talk 2 my parents about, im 15 and still a virgin but for a long time whenever i went pee it would really hurt bad and sting, now that still happens but only once and a while and whenever i would wipe myself i would notice specks of blood but it wasnt my period and also sometimes my v____a would throb, what could that be? thanks



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