IM ONLY 14 It Wus An Accident

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eyebeeablessing2u - September 14

Why doesn't thw rold just get with GODS plan.... DON't have s_x until you are married.... then some of you wouldn't be so stressed out. I am recently married and didn't have s_x with my now husband until we were married... I had in my past of course but now realize it was the best sacrifice.. I am praying that we can have a child soon and that they will grow up in a world with GOD's moral and values ..instilled in their minds and souls... which would make them less likely to get hurt in life.... and at least give them a good heads up....


monique - September 14

To Mr.RICK, how in the world can you say those things that you said, yes they need GOD and sounds like you do to very bad. I'm not saying that men are bad, I love men, but at the age they are at they need to wait for the right man. Evidentally, by your name that tell us some thing about you, you are one of those men or boys. MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND KEEP YOU i WILL BE PRAYING FOR YOU, READ YOUR BIBLE PLEASE SIR. YOU NEED JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ashley - September 26

hi im 15 and ive tried it to and my aunt had her period for 6 months and had her period so yes it is possible ...if u have more ?s u can email me at [email protected]


Chastidy - September 27

(Nice name for the post- I know) But I was looking through the website, and it might help some rethink having s_x with out a DEFINATE man, if you read some of the Posts from the 'Single and Pregnant' section of this site. It's just a thought... bc it happens ALL TOO OFTEN. Good luck every one! Chas


eyebeeab;essing2u - September 27

for curious... ummm no you don't need to give in and don't do the living together either... sounds like you have a good foundation for a marriage but don't b__w it on a sudden urge to have s_x... do it GOD's way.. and you will be blessed....


rick - September 30

MONIQUE ... by my name you a__sume that I am a man or boy who seeks girls as things and want to use them? did god teach you to judge people in this way. Obviously i don't know you, but by your posts I will a__sume that you are very ignorant ... do not force your religious beliefs onto me or any other person. If god does he exist, I am sure he is very understanding of individual beliefs or he would not have made the world such a richly diverse place, diverse in religion and customs, and beliefs. So monique i think it is you who should seek help, pray to god, do whatever, you have a long way to go


dee - October 1

i have been readin alot of thes answers and i just wanted to say that you can get preg. on your period you ovulate 10-13 days after you period but like i said you can get preg on your period common people really use your can have a period while preg but girls not stress its not to likly...the best thing to do is not have s_x you can get preg. usin b/c and or using condoms so please girls think b/4 you do so many young girls come to my clinic were i work and they just cant deal they dont lead a good life and the sure dont set a good life for theirs


Christy - October 1

I dont know who keeps telling you girls that you cant get pregnant if you have your period. You can. And why r yall doing stuff anyways your 14.... you should be just holding hands by now... not screwing guys.


miranda - March 14

well i am also in the same situation my boyfriend and i were i guess you could say having s_x and we do the pull out method and like when he was about to c_m he pulled out and nothing was there and personally he said that it was but i know it wasnt so i mean really all you can do is wait and see what happens i mean i hear that you can still get your period but that part is what i have a question on to so email me and we can get to talkin....... [email protected]



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