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Beth - January 22

Just wanted to announce that I have been on this board for five months and finally got my POSITVE. I am so happy. If anyone has any questions just ask me? I am more than happy to answer them. Baby Dust to EVERYONE~~~~~~~~


Kayle - January 22

Congratulations! I do have questions.. because no on is being helpful so far.


Beth - January 22

Just ask!!!


Kayle - January 22

Okay, b/f and i have been together almost 2 1/2 years. He is a frosh in college in ny , I live in indiana and he came home for christmas. This christmas was our first time having s_x. Well on 20th of Dec was my last period I haven't had one since and that one was late for me. Anyway we had s_x on the 23rd of dec now I should have started my period on the 5th of jan and had it for 6 days. I Didn't and then about two weeks ago. I started having burning and itching in the v____al area. I also have some well quite alot of discharge. I also am tired and feel as if I am dehydrated and hungry. Do you think I am pregnant? And should I tell my b/f he is always worring about things and at this point i don't know if I should tell him because i am really worried and don't know if I should worry him. .


Jen - January 22

I have a many dpo were you? My husband and I have been trying for 5 months and I am 21 dpo. I have not taken a test yet because we were 17 dpo last month and were very disappointed when AF came.


Christi - January 22

Hey Beth, did you have alot of discharge? Everybody talks about it, and I just want to hear it from someone who is actually pregnant! Ive been having it ever since my last wierd period- it was short and light- just 2 days of spotting.. Ive got the white bumps.. tell me all your symptoms pleeeeze?? thanks!


Maeven - January 22

Congratulations Beth! I hope everything continues to go well for you and your baby xxx And to Kayle, I'm not sure if you are pg, if your last period was 20th Dec you would not have another on 5th Jan even if 5th is your usual date. Your period on 20th Dec will have offset your cycle so you should have this month's within the week. If you still don't have it in 7 days time then it will be a good time to test. Good luck honey, I was sure I was pg this month too but sadly it's a no this time. Isn't it always the way? Again, congratulations Beth, I'll try not to be too bitter he he! xxxxxx


Beth - January 22

Kayle, when are you do for your period? I would go to the doctor because you could have an infection. You may also want to test. Itching and burning isn't usually a sign of pregnancy. Keep us posted. Jen, I am 9 DPO, really early but my line was definite. Christi, the ONLY symptons I have had is a tiny bit of cramping and that's it. Nothing else. I know it's hard for people to hear someone else is pregnant, trust me, been there. I am just so excited.


Kayle - January 22

Beth, I should start from the 1st to the 11 every month~ I don't feel pregnant but i don't know what I would feel like. I have been just reading different things. I felt like I should ask.


Christi - January 22

Thanks... and congratulations! Even now that you know that you are pregnant, are you experiencing anything unusual? Ive got a strange sensation in my lower abdomen too.. like Ive done situps.. kind of a pulling sensation. anyways. best of luck to you.


Kay - January 23

I ovulated on the 21 according to an ovualtion stick, I took the test again on the 22 and go neg. I had s_x with bf on the 19,20 21 multiple times. Today my b___bs are really sensative, and i have light cramping in middle lower stomach? am I ovulating there is no mucus just that sticky yellowish or nothing at all. Please help if you can thanks and congrats to you


Bekah - January 23

Hey ladies! I hope you pregnanty women can help me here. It is just too much of a coincidence that I had unprotected s_x with my husband on Dec 22 and Dec 27, knowing full well that it was smack in the middle of ovulation time. We were just so caught up in the romance that I thought, oh hell, whatever happens, happens. I totally forgot about it until Jan 7 came and went. AF, however has not! Yet, seven urine tests are negative. I have NO signs of a period, but lots of signs of pregnancy! Am I making this up??? Why won't my period come if I'm not pregnant? I saw a male doctor yesterday and he wouldn't do a bloot test because the urine was negative and he just said, try not to worry! Okay, sure! I'd be happy to be pregnant at this point! Anything normal at this point is more than welcome! Could I still be pregnant?


B'Lana - January 23

Hello Ladies, couldn't sleep all night long today- too hot, to cold and back ache in 3 positions. Thought that sickness went away and shoveled my driveway just to experience it again... Is it just because or minor work plays a role? I also got crams today... feels like period but it's a week toooo early for that kind of stuff... any insight? BETH, congratulations! I hope everything will go just wonderful!


Beth - January 23

Kay, you may be ovulating. Usually you ovulate 24-48 hours after your positive opk. You had good timing but you will have to wait a couple weeks to find out. Bekah, you should demand a blood test. Otherwise you may not have ovulated. i really dont know what to tell you except wait it out. B'Lana you could be experiencing implantation cramps. That is what I felt and it was a week before my period. Take a test in a few days to see. Good Luck everyone!!!


B'lana - January 23

Beth, I thought that implantation happens 5-10 days after conseption? That what I though I bled from 5 days after potencial conseption (that I thought was my period and didn't worry too much), am I wrong? then what was that "period" looking thing? thanks for your help :)


Lisa - January 23

Hi Beth, My hubby and I just started trying and I have a question for you. 1st CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! 2nd- did you ever in your times of trying have all the symptoms and not been pregnant? I have have had crampy, bloating, gas-y, belch-y, nausous and starving, sore BBS with itchy nipples, creamy white discharge two days ago (a few days before my period is due). My AF is due on Tuesday 1/25 but today I woke up more crampy than usual and with brown spotting and then a little bit of clotting type material- looked thicker than just brown spotting but very small. How much spotting, cramping is normal? did you have implantation bleeding? Is this just my period and my body is acting strange? HELP!


Bekah - January 23 the tips of my nipples have turned WHITE! Is that what those tubercules look like? Also, I have tiny little broken blood vessels all over them and they're sore. Plus, a consistent ache in my lower right ab, not period cramps at all. If I'm not pregnant, then my body just hates me! Thanks, Beth and good luck with your pregnancy! I am not leaving the office tomorrow without a blood test, and I'm bringing my mom with me in case I lose my nerve. I'll let y'all know. Reading everyone's stories about infertility and trouble conceiving, I would be stupid not to be happy about being pregnant. Maybe god was just witing for me to realize that! Take care!



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