Im Pregnant Now I Need Help

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mz payasa - May 11

Okay well this morning i had a postive.. and im still in denial.. cause im not ready for this at all..Now heres a question that is bugging the h__l out of me. When is it bad to sleep on your stomach? and is it true the baby can choke on the imbilical cord? How can you prevent that


Monique - May 11

You can sleep on your stomach until it is uncomfortable. As far as the baby choking that is something monitored in the last trimester of pregnancy. Please don't worry yourself about that now. Congrats!!! I am hoping of a positive next week.


mz payasa - May 11

im so not ready for this im about to move to a new city (new york) and im afarid that something is going to happen all these storys i read and then im afarid when the actual labor comes and when i have my child would i be able to hold it im scared and Monique i hope you get a positive ill keep my fingers crossed for you...


Monique - May 11

I live in New York City... you will be fine. We have awesome doctors here!!


c - May 11

hey even when a woman is trying to get pregnant. then they do. there are scared also. it is the unexpected for first time mommys. even though your moving to new york and that is more stress for you at this time. your giving your child a great place to grow up. just try to enjoy every minute it goes before you know it. :) good luck to you!


mz payasa - May 11

I hope they do have great doctors... its a big step from being from wisconsin but im going to try to make it work.. good luck to everyone who is trying.. I'll keep everyone posted causei have a feeling im going to have alot of questions during this and i have decide since im a photographer to make a website ofmy progress and take pics step by step.. Im going to take this pregnancy as a gift from god :D


Brittany - May 11

that is the att_tude you need, god gave you a precious little gift. congrats don't worry everything its perfectly normal for first time mommys to be scared. good luck and have a happy and healthy pregnancy!


superbadchick - May 12

I don't think the baby can choke on the cord, but the cord can wrap around the baby's neck. I'm not sure that there is any way to prevent that. I think it's ok to sleep on your stomach as long as your comfortable.



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