Im Pregnant Any Questions Just Ask

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xxxGemmaxxx - November 22

Today i found out i was pregnant! Im very happy! I knew i was anyway. If any girls/women out there need advice just ask and i will answer a.s.a.p Glad to help xxxGemmaxxx


Sparkles - November 22

Hi, I think I might be pregnant...but not sure. I stopped taking my BC pills last month when I won on my period. I have not recieved my period, and my boyfriend and I have had unprotected s_x around 5 or 6 times and he came in me everytime. I have been eating excessively then feeling like I am going to throw up all day, goin pee more often, feeling tired all day, tummy is firm under navel, and my b___sts are bit tender. Am I? Please help :) Thanks, Sparkles


xxxGemmaxxx - November 22

Hi Sparkles it does sound like you are too me because i had the same symptoms, all i can advice is obviously to take a test. If it comes up neg dont just leave it at that if you still dont come on keep trying every 3 days and u will soon find out. If you still dont come on in a couple of week i would visit the doctors for you own saftey. Hope it all goes well and good look xxxGemmaxxx


xxGemmaxx - November 22

If anyone needs to track there menstrual cycle this is the website it this will help you keep track of periods, it will also tell you when you are most fertile. Try it out it does help! Good Luck all xxGemmaxx


ANNE*** - November 22

Well i am still waithing for my blood test results ! I guess its going to go till next week! What i find weird is that i had i positve and 2 negative then wen i went to the doctor i told him all my symptoms and they are peeing alot more, i am very hot at night i wake up in the middle of the night and not tierd anymore and in the day i am extremly tierd, one day i leak some clear fluid from my b___bs my periods where verry light, i feel nausea during the day and now i get it after i finish eathing and i have alot of cm! WEll wen i went to the doctors and i told him all that well he suspected that i was pregnant and instead if pa__sing me a urine test he pa__se me a blood test and he also orderd me a pregnancy pack test for wen you are pregnant i guess the doctor thinks that i am really pregnant what do you think !!


Sparkles - November 22

Right now it just doesn't seem like I could be though, why is that? Probably because the first couple of weeks you don't really notice it?


Sparkles - November 22

I'm confused on if I could or couldn't. Should now be the time to take a HPT?


Sparkles - November 22

xxxGemmaxxx are you out there? I need you right now. PLEASE!! I'm not stressing out or anything, I just kinda wanna know if I'm going to have a beautiful baby?!?!?!


Flying Snow - November 22

hi gemma. i need to ask a few questions. you see, my last normal period was oct 1. my period didn't arrive around nov 1. so by nov 5, i took a home pregnancy wee test and it gave me a result of negative. my period still didn't arrive days after that. so again i took the test by nov 10 and it's still negative. my period still didn't arrive days after that so again i took the test by nov 15. and the result showed me a positive one! but the line was sooooo faint. by nov 16, i took the test again, it's still positive, only this time, the line is not so faint anymore. to be really sure about it, i took the test again by nov 20, it's still positive! and the more i take the test, the line becomes more visible! what do you think about that? and how many days/weeks do you think i'm pregnant? coz i think i'm just days/weeks pregnant? am i really pregnant? am i pregnant?


Karen - November 22

I have been so tired and moody I have tender b___st every once in a while I have had mojor back aches and severe headaches and cramping in my lower abdomine and weight increase and then decrease and increased appit_te and nausea all day long and I have been extremly extremly tired and moody and white in the face. Could I be pregnant or could it be stress and Yes I have been sick on and off for a while. My babys father doesn't want anything to do with us Please help me Could I be pregnant for the third time?


D - November 22

I have been trying to get pregnant, and ovulated one week ago today. I have been having twinges in my left side lower abdomen for the last week, and yesterday I started to have heartburn (I never get this), and have gotten heartburn after every meal. Today I seemed to have to pee a lot in the afternoon, but not so much tonight. My period is due one week from tomorrow. Did you experience any of these symptoms this early on?


bec - November 23

hi gemma, i had s_x on the last day of august and had a regular period ever since, i am not having any symptoms and i have had 2 negative clearblue tests. am i ok? please help asap


Confused - November 23

Hey, I had s_x on November 21,2004 and now it is November 23. The condom burst during intercourse and the guy urged me to hurry up and clean myself so I wouldn't get pregnant. My mom was home so I couldn't take a bath right away and I just peed and wiped as usual. About 20-35 minutes later I was able to bathe. Monday morning I awake to very almost unbearable adominal pains. Could I possibly be pregnant? How soon can I find out?


cms - November 23

Confused....You cannot get pregnant that fast. What is your cycle? When should you get your next period?


Ca__sie - November 23

Hi ive had unprotected s_x 3 times. And he "c_med" in me everytime. Latly i had very bad headaches, heartburnes, and jus feeling sick/ tired. are ne of those a sign of pregnancy? Could i be pregnant?


kayla - November 23

instead of tender b___st, they itch. Could this be a sign that i'm pregnant!


Dee - November 24

I think I may be pregnant but I really dont know can anyone help!?!? I had a period on the 13th October and then one v.light one that only lasted 2 days! the past 2 weeks I have been feeling very tired, snappy, sore b___bs (especially around the nipple area) nausea throughout the day, severe stomach pains, back pains, about a week ago I was constipated, I have gone of a cuppa tea but thats about it and havent had much v____al discharge but a little bit, Please tell me if you think I am pregnant! I really would be happy although I want to know for certain and cant wait for payday for me to get a test! Thanx



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