Im Sad

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princess - March 19

hi guys just logged on, had syptms all week, but now as 22nd approaches feels like AF is on her way. Been trying 2.5yrs, why hasnt it happened? i just feel lost..... it hurts too much as the months go on....


jena - March 19

don't give up until you get your period - then go see a specialist. you shouldn't have to try this long - i know how hard it is to see AF show up when you are trying - but can't imagine doing it for over 2 years. can you see a specialist to determine if something is up? good luck hon!


Kylee - March 19

Aw Princess, it isn't easy I know. I've been trying for about 15mths and it is hard. I don't understand it either and medically there is no explanation for it. (for us I mean). I sympathise with you so much sweetheart. I'm lucky in a way as I am determined to be a mother but if it doesn't happen naturally I have no hesitation in adopting a child. doesn't even have to be a baby. Just a child who needs love and a safe homelife. I'm not selfish enough to say that I must be a birth mom, I just wanna be a mom. Another year of trying then we'll go with adopting. Maybe you can consider that. There are so many children out there now in this world who'd give everything just to be held, you can be every bit as good a parent it doesn't need matching genes. Take care darling xxxxx


princess - March 20

thank you for your kind words, well we have seen a specialist had all apropriate tests, DH had sperm tests etc, i had laparoscopy and many other blood etc tests, and a yr ago they said its unexplained infertility, and no reason why we shudnt just try. I'll give myself another yr and half then im gonna try IVF. I give u the upmost respect Kylee for adopting, but for me im being honest with you i dont think i could love another child as much as i could love my own. I do want My own baby, with my DH. Selfish or not thats how i feel. But, goodluck to u and i hope things hpn for the best.



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