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LN - March 31

my period was due on march 28. however, it didn't come. the next day i took a test and it came out positive. since then i have taken 3 more and all say positive. im very excited but this is my question. could it be a false positive? probably about 1 1/2 weeks ago i noticed a very little amount of clear va___al discharge. i remember thinking i couldn't be ovulating cuz i already had this month. my friend said it could be very possible that the egg didn't attach and thats what i saw that day. she also said i would still have the symptoms since it wasn't that long ago. i called the doctor but they wont even see me until another month (til im 8 weeks). what do u think-false positive or not? or is that something normal that happens during pregnancy?


kw - March 31

LN-I think you are PG!! You have 4 tests saying so! I'm not a doctor but I would have thought if that discharge you had were in fact your egg there woud have been a period with that, thats the time your unattached egg is discharged out of the body. I would definitly celebrate a pregnancy! Congrats!!


jena - March 31

4 false positives? NO WAY. Not possible! You are totally preggo!! Were you trying? If you had clear discharge, that is totally normal - as kw said, you would have had bleeding if the egg didn't attach and it would come out with your period... congrats!


LN - March 31

yea! its nice to hear other people say that they think i am too!!! im just scared that its too good to be true since i always seem to have the bad luck. Thank you so much :-)


kim - March 31

I would say you are very pregnant!!!


LN - March 31

yes, we were trying. both are very excited and want to tell our parents but i am afraid to tell them and it be a false alarm.


D - March 31

It is possible to have some v____al discharge while the mucus plug is forming. It sounds to me like you're pregnant! If you are afraid of false positives, don't tell anyone yet! But don't look at me for an example! I couldn't keep my mouth shut....



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