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scaredandconfused - April 1

Im pregnant and im only 15 should i get an abortion?Im in 9th grade and i dont want to ruin my life but i do not believe in abortion i talked to my boyfriend soon to be fiance he wants me to have an abortion but neiother one of us believe in abortion?So should i go against my moral values?


meeh - April 1

in my opinion u definately should have this child. i know you feel that this baby will ruin ur HS career but you should've thought of that before you concieved it. theres no reason to have an abortion because this is an innocent child that did nothing to you and deserves a chance at life, but maybe consider givin it up for adoption


no - April 1

Don't go against ur values. Do u have family that can help u ? keep the child, its hard work but its worth it ! GL!


motherof20 - April 1

How far along are you? When you say soon to be fiance is a wedding being planned because you are pregnant? Will you have any support from your family and his?


ee - April 1

The baby didn't choose to be conceived, that was your and your boyfriend's mistake.....abortion would not be the answer, it would be killing an innocent child. If you really don't want to raise this baby there is always adoption...there are many many loving couples out there who are unable to conceive who would be more than happy to adopt a baby.


jena - April 1

i agree with the other posts - there are so many nice, loving parents that would love to adopt your baby. it would proabably mean taking at least a semester off of school, but i don't think you would regret it, whereas I think you may regret an abortion. good luck!


shy girl - April 1

i don't want to said harsh. but you are facing a real decsion. you need to know the facts. if you looked up web sites on abortion.they have pictures. that would stop you guys from having one. abortion is a awefrul thing to do to your baby.


shy girl - April 1

i don't want to seem harsh.(i meant sound before)(i'm stupid) go to that will be so real for you. really make you think. if anything give the baby to a loving home. not a death sentence.


Grandpa Viv - April 2

Sorry to hear you are in this fix! The chance of you having a lifetime relationship with the boy you are with at age 15 is minimal. Your parents are the ones who should be helping you with this decision. If you are going to have an abortion, the early procedure is less invasive. Adoption is ten times harder a decision than abortion. There is also a moral consideration bringing up a baby in less ideal conditions than would be the case if you put off childbearing for ten years.


rochelle - April 2

no youshould not go aginst it. You might considering an adobtshin.


Cutie - April 4

Sweety, if you believe you shouldnt do it, then dont for your sake and for the sake of your baby. Sure it will be hard in the beginning, but killing it would make it harder on you later on. Honey NO ABORTION :) Much love, Cutie


Jenn - April 5

scaredandconfused - I have to first say I love this website - it's a fantastic way to talk to people about EVERYTHING!! However, I don't believe it's a place to ask people what YOU should do. This is about you and your boyfriend and what is best for the 2 of you - not what's best for everyone on this site. I do not believe in abortion - I myself have a 21 year old son whom I had when I was 2 months shy of my 15th birthday. However, it is not my place to tell you that you should or shouldn't have an abortion. What about adoption? All I can say is it won't matter what your decision is; you will live with it the rest of your life - abortion will devastate you later because of your moral values; adoption will have you wondering all of your about how your baby is doing, who the baby looks like etc... and keeping your baby WELL, that is forever in your life. So as you can see any decision that you make will be with you forever. Whatever your decision is, I hope that you and your boyfriend look into birth control. Good luck to you.


Audrey - April 5

Scared- If you don't believe in abortion then you will probably regret it later if you do have one. However the procedure is safe and doesn't affect your ability to have children later. You have some hard things to think about if you have the baby. Will you be able to finish school and get a job? Will your family (and your boyfriend's family) support you and the child? Do you both have the money to raise the child? Best wishes!


Queen-C - April 5

I strongly discourage abortion, I got pregnant at 17 and am so greatful I never went down that path. i didnt have much support but support is one of the biggest issues I can stress. You really need to talk things out with both your bf and somebody of your choice. I hid my pregnanys til I was past my first trimester, I dont know whether it was because I didnt want to let anyone know or bewcause I thought stress might effect me & the baby. Im lucky enough to be married to my baby's father now. We have 2 children and our first is nearly 3. Im so happy with both children but Im not gonna lie. Days can be mighty hard and you'll have a lot of backhanded comments thrown at you but just stay strong and keep your head up. You knew the consequences of your actions and if your are grown enough to do the act you need to be grown enough to make the right decision for your baby. Best wishes and PS I think I might be pregnant with our third child and Im scared and confused all over again even though I have the house, car, money and marriage! Good luck!!


Molly - April 5

Dear scaredandconfused, Abortion is a difficult position. However, I believe in a woman's right to choose. I don't know how far along you are, but if you are still in the first trimester I would recommend an abortion. Why? Because you are so young. I know that many people believe you should suffer the consequences of your actions. However, I do not believe that having a baby as a form of punishment is a good idea for you or the unborn baby. Yes you could always give it up for adoption. The fact is, however, foster houses and things of that nature are overcrowded (and unsafe - believe me, I know). Abortion is something you should talk about with your family and fiance. While I do not encourage people to go against their values, a baby will make your life very difficult despite what other people say. I know a lot of people will disagree with me, but it's just my personal opinion.



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