Im So Discouraged Right Now

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Maggie - February 23

Well update on me.... im so discouraged right now. I shouldnt start my period untill the 26th but i went and got one of those tests where it predicts 5 days before your missed period and it said i wasnt prego. Me and my hubby are very dissapointed... And i still have all of my prego signs of Nausea, Bumps on nipples, Dizziness, headaches, Moodiness,being Emotional, Veins on hands arms and br___ts. I feel discouraged do you think it still might be too soon? thanks guys...


Lee - February 23

Yes! Half the time those so-called early predictors dont work like they say - try on 3/7 before you get upset, OK? I will say a prayer for you!


Wendy - February 23

I wouldn't be to discouraged yet.. these early predictors often can be wrong.. I would wait until you missed your period.. Good Luck...


Lee - February 23

What brand did you use?


maggie - February 23

i used first response, im just hoping its still to soon!!!


Lael - February 24

I feel ur pain, sweetie. I'll be praying for ya!!!


Chriss - February 24

Please don't feel discouraged or frustrated. I'm right there with you. Last month I took a test (first response) two days before my period and it came back neg, just like they all have for the past seven months, then 3 days later I had my period, but it didn't seem like a normal period, much shorter and just different. I haven't tested again because I really did think that I got my period. But I have been feeling for the past two weeks as though I am pregnant, I am due for af on the 28th and am impatiently waiting to test again. It seems that these early tests don't necessarily work for everyone. They detect the levels of HCG that the embryo is producing and if your test only detects a certain level like a 50 or so, then it probably won't detect anything until a week or so after your period was due. Good luck and baby dust to you!!


stacey - February 24

Maggie- don't be discouraged yet, especially if you used First response. I recently found out that Frirst response is one of the worst brands to use if you are trying to predict measures 100 miu of hormone, but there are other brands that measure much less so you would know sooner.... Somewhere on this forum, yesterday, someone started a new strand about pregnancy tests, read it! :) good luck!


cindy - February 24

yes!!! I took one of those early (5 days before) tests and it didn't work and I was pregnant. I waited and got a cheap Walmart brand test a couple of weeks later and got a positive. Good luck!!!


jenny xxx - February 24

maggie im the same as u, im also due af on the 26th, boyfriend n i had s_x twice on 9th feb n i ov on the 11th, so im hoping i am preggs, have all the rite symptoms, feeling sick thoughout the day but more at 8pm at nite, got sore breats, very bad wind, n backache beyond belief, keep ur chin up maggie, i say a prayer for u sweety


Michelle - February 24

I am right there with you. I have all the symptoms: swollen b___st, larger nipples, more bumps on nipples, sore b___sts, my cervix is high and soft, ance breakout, more noticeable veins, flushed cheeks, headaches, and mild nausea. I was due to start my AF on 2/26, but began light brownish bleeding on 2/25. I took an early test on 2/20 that was negative but I would have only been 9 dpo. I thought I got my period, but it has been very light and a different type of discharge. I took another test today with a negative result. I am still waiting as tomorrow is only 14 dpo. Just as discouraged.


maggie - February 24

i guess since my prego signs are so strong right now i figured that it would show up but i guess not. I have two more days to go untill i start my period so we will se what happens! :(


jenny xx - February 24

maggie/michelle, keep ur chin up gurls, im saying prayers for u both,


Rosanna - February 24

Is this the same Maggie I was talking to? This is Rosanna. I posted to you today. Sorry it has been so long. If this isn't the same Maggie. All the baby dust to you just the same!!!



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