Im So Jealous

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jealous - April 30

ladies let me take a second to tell you that i am so jealous...let me start off with telling you a little about myself. my husband and i have been ttc for almost 2 years. im frustrated that we have yet to have a little miracle. this month we are at it again! i am also a teacher at a high school and when i walk through the halls all i can feel is anger! i am 32 and children that are 16 yrs old are getting pregnant. i am so jealous!!! sometimes i think to myself that something is wrong with me or God just doesnt want us to concieve. But why! why must i be subjected to this kind of pain. dont get me wrong, i love me students and i would do anything to help them in any way, but again, im so jealous that i cant be them.


Heather - April 30

Jealous - You have NOTHING to be ashamed of you know. There is that old saying... "If I knew then what I know now..." I am finding it holds to be quite true. I am about to turn 29 in a couple of months and have yet to have a baby as well. DH & I were pg but had a m/c @ 9 weeks. I have often seen posts on this forum from young women who are freaked out because they are pregnant & I start to feel left our or something. Just keep asking myself "why?" Good luck and lots of baby dust to you!!!!!!! *~*~*~*~*~*~*~ You are not alone :)


stacey - April 30

Jealous- it's def. a valid emotion. I get jealous of pregnant people and friends as well. We were pregnant in Dec. but m/c in Jan. Have you gone to a fertility dr.? Tried temping to figure out your cycle?


jealous - April 30

we did do the dr. summerize, we were fine and to give it time....when we least expect it, it will happen. That is what we were told! i never really got into the temp. thing but i should try it. ive done all the kits though


Liz - April 30

My friend and her hubby tried for 2 years and she finally got preg. at 34 years. SHe now has 2 healthy great kids. It will happen for you. I feel sorry for children who are pregnant. You have a hubby, education and a great job. You have "lived" first. I know it's hard and I hope it happens for you soon. I am sure those 16 year olds would trade places w/ you in a heart beat!!!! MUCH dust to you : )


Erin - April 30

jealous, I am a high school teacher as well, and I know exactly what you mean. I've even said those very same thoughts to people before. Why can my 15, 16 year old students get pregnant, and I can't?! So I guess you're not alone.


jealous2 - April 30

im right there with you,everyone seems to be pregnant except me and i know that i will make a better mum than half of the loosers out there that'just got pregnant'by accident'!i guess it will happen to us one day.........


Kalli - May 1

I was one of those young girls who accidently got pg. Let me start off by saying that I completely understand how you feel, but let me tell you if it weren't for getting pg my life would probably be terrible. My son totally changed my life, he was my blessing, I think he may have saved my life. Lets just say before him I was headed in a very very bad direction. Now, I am married, went to college, late but I went and ready to have my second child. And guess what, I've been trying for 15 months. I've also had 2 misarriages. That's why I say I know how you feel. It doesn't seem fair, but believe me god knows what he's doing. I truly truly hope you get the baby you want very soon. Good luck and best wishes!!!!


Selby - May 1

Dear Jealous, oh! I know how you feel. I'm the same age, have been ttc the same number of years. I am also a teacher. I could have written the above post that you wrote. I absolutely feel for you!!! You are not alone in the world, I'm here, maybe not on the same continent, but REMEMBER ME when you feel these emotions again! Sometime soon, it will happen. Just hang in there, sweetheart, and know that God knows. He knows about us.


Me2 - May 1

Like the rest I understand...It seems that everywhere I look "I SEE PG WOMEN" I am happy for them but I think what have I done that was so bad that God would not bless me with another child...I am 34 going to be 35 in July and I have a soon to be 10 yr old son and he has for years asked for a sibling I feel bad that I can't give him one yet...My DH and I have been trying since 03/04. That is when I stopped the pill and nothing yet and even harder with 7 women in my company pg...well 6 now since one had hers 4/12...Such frustrating...I think me saying some of them should not have one because the 1st one is either not even being taken care of by the mother or has a mouth like a sailor at the age of 4 and god is giving them another one or better yet the 3rd persons husband is a fricking alcoholioc and got fired for being drunk on the job they had just had one 5 months old then got pg already again...So yes I can feel your frustration if you couldn't tell by my ranting and raven on here.


jealous2 - May 1

kalli ive just read back on what i posted and i guess i sounded really mean! when i said looser that accidently got pregnant,i meant the ones who get abortions and dont look after there kids properly.sorry to hear what you have been through and good luck with ttc.


Kalli - May 1

Jealous 2- No offense taken, I just wanted everyone to remember that things truly do happen for a reason, even a very young girl becoming pg. I do know what you mean about the mothers who continually have children and can't even take care of the ones they already have, or the ones who use abortion as a form of birth control. Yes, that is sad and I can't understand it. I truly do hope we all get the babies we so very much want very soon. Stay positive ladies, and good luck to you!!!!!!!!!!!!! ****Baby Dust****


ump - May 2




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