Implantation 7 Days Of Brown Discharge

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ND - May 3

Has anyone had implantation bleeding that lasts for a week? I have had brown spotting for 7 days now, along with cramps, nausea and bloating (although those come and go). It is enough to get on a pantiliner, but is nothing like my regular period. AF is not due for another 5 days and I've never had any spotting like this... any thoughts?


nicole - May 3

I experienced something similar and still have not had AF which was due a week and a half ago. Did two blood tests and both neg plus hpt was neg. My doctor thinks I might have a cyst on my ovary and I have heard others say that they have had cysts when they have experienced what they thought was implantation bleeding. However, after reading CRAZY and hearing that she was pregnant even with neg blood tests and ultrasound, maybe there is still some hope for me. I wish you all the luck.


c - May 4

Sorry this is a negative response, but informative. I had that happen to me, but it was an ectopic pregnancy. For me brown spotting turned into a brown watery discharge and stopped just before af. I had af for 3 days. then spotting and bleeding with clots three days after. I had a positive test the day af was due. I also thought it was implant bleeding. Ectopics are hard to diagnose. If positive result please go to your Dr immediately for bhcg levels to see if they double normally every 2 days.


sue - May 4

i'm really quite worried i have been having brown discharge for 5 days and my af is due on 07/05/05, it is not enough for a pantyliner but just when i wipe. I am actively ttc and went to the doctors yesterday she has put me on antibiotics but i dont feel i have an infection because the discharge is not smelly.(sorry tmi) Other symptoms are waking up 5 am every morning with slight temperature and feeling hot every now and then, cramping but not bad, headaches over last 2 days i'm worried in case of eptopic how long would you leave it before going back to doctors.


C - May 4

Sue that is a tough question, i am not a Dr. But i would test the day you are due for af. If positive go to your Dr. If neg with no normal period i still would see your Dr. Be sure to tell them you fear an ectopic pregnancy and want bhcg levels done. I went to the emergency department b/c i was away from home and they were excellent although a long wait. They were amazed i even knew was pregnant. Most of all think positive, and i don't mean to be neg, it is just my story.


sue - May 4

Thank you c for your quick responce it helps to have people to talk to. When i first started with the discharge i thought it was ib but as time as gone on it gets a touch more worrying. My doctor said yesterday that my belly still feels soft and isnt very sore so as yet nothing to worry about but it never entered my head this could be eptopic so i'm glad for your reply so i can keep my eye on it. thanks


Kris - May 4

I really hate to have to agree with C, b/c it is definately not fun to hear, but that sounds juts like my tubal pregnancy too. I'm sorry to say that but I nearly died with mine, and I don't want that to happen to any body. It's better to be safe, and explore the options than sorry. This happened to me last summer. And here we go again with the same symptoms. I'm still too early to see anything on the ultrasound. My HCG levels are still too low to see anything at only 5 weeks today. We are hoping this time I am just having that unexplainable spotting.


C - May 4

They never found where my ectopic was on ultrasound. My right ovary was larger slightly showing ovulation that was it. My bhcg level went up, but did not double every 2 days per normal pregnancy. I took the methotrexate and it cleared my tubes therefore my Dr stated not likely to have another ectopic. D/C can cause some scar tissue and and damage to the tubes and does not clear away all depris as well as the methotrexate. She was right 2 pregnancies later no ectopic again. You do have to catch it early or Methotrexate is not an option, also there is a long wait to conceive again. stay positive but informed.


Kris - May 4

C, I'm glad that the Methotrexate worked for you. I was given the shot on a Saturday afternoon, but unfortunatley very early that Monday I was rushed to the hospital as I was heading into shock. It had ruptured slowly during the night on Sunday and when I got up monday morning I fell to the floor. It was a very scary experience. I spent 4 days in the hospital and lost my left tube. I am having the same symptoms again... but they cannot see anything on ultrasound.. still too early at only 5 weeks. I'm so afraid I'll loose the other tube.


C - May 4

Wow i am really sorry, you definitely had a bad experience. I had a positive outcome. They should be able to see something on ultrasound if it is a good pregnancy at 5 weeks. I went at 4 weeks and could see the sac in the uterus. Although i did m/c that pregnancy. Did you have a positive test or just brown spotting? Did you miss af or when is it due? I occasionally get brown spotting 2-3 days before af.


Kris - May 4

I am considered 5 weeks today. As best as we can figure I ovulated on the 13th and implantation was the 19th or 20th. HCG levels were onlly at 8 on the 22nd. Dr. said they can't see anything on ultrasound until HCG's are around 1000. Mine were 179 on Sunday, but if everything is on track should be 1000 Monday. With my son, we saw the sac on ultrasound at 41/2 weeks. It all depends on when implantation happens. It could be as early as 3 days after conception to 10 days. I think I remember the average is 5. Anyway, we are hoping to see something as soon as HCG gets to 1000. I get new numbers from the doc tomorrow morning from yesterday. They should be in the 300's. Can't wait to get to 1000, that's when they say they will do ultrasound.


nicole - May 4

I have experienced the same thing. I still have not had af and it is now a week and a half late. I had brown spotting for a few days and then nothing. I also had some cramping and was dizzy for a few days. After reading C's response, I am wondering if I should be worried about an ectipic pregnancy. I am in the process of speaking to my ob/gyn. Are there any other signs of ectopics? I have had two blood tests and both neg. Would an ectopic show up pos on blood test? Is there pain with an ectopic?


Kris - May 4

Nicole, I wouldn't freak out about brown spotting for a few days. That could just be implantation or a really light period. I had off and on bleeding with my ectopic. No pain until it ruptured, but some people do have pain before. I wouldn't even worry about an ectopic until you get positive tests back with more spotting and HCG's that are not doubling. You can relax a bit until you know more. ALOT of women spot for a few days. Good luck!


ND - May 4

Thanks everyone for your advice. I will now be looking up info about cysts and ectopic pregnancies:-(... Not what I was hoping for, but good advice the same. I am still having the light brown spotting, but it is not really blood anymore, it's just cm tinted brown. Three more days till af but I may test early. So what happens if it's an ectopic pregnancy?


Kathy - May 4

Some women may experience light spotting or a brownish discharge around the time that they would normally be due for their period. The spotting can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. I found this on a web site and remembered you question.


a. - May 4

I'm not sure if this helps, but ever since stopping the depo shot, I now get that brownish discharge for 4-5 days before my period starts. Every month it happens now, and then I get my period as scheduled. Its annoying. But its been the norm for me for six or so months now.


C - May 5

Thinking back it was uncomfortable to sleep on my one side. This happened after af by one week. It felt like i was sleeping on an orange. Nothing was ever seen on my ultrasounds. I had at least 8 of them. Dr's were baffled. But my bhcg levels kepted going up, but not doubling as per normal. KRIS please let me know what is going on with you, i can feel what you are going through. Try to stay positive. NICOLE my books says that ectopic's show positive for pregnacy. I had no pain, just pressure on one side when lying down. Looking back at pictures taken then my face was swollen. This symptom? is not in any medical book i have seen. Continue with your Dr until ectopic and cyst is ruled out.



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