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JK - September 14

Today is the 14th, my period is due the 19th, I had unprotected s_x on 9th / 10th, I felt really funky all weekend... sluggish by Monday, yesterday & today...yesterday, I started feeling faint around 3:30pm or so, it lasted till about 5:00, today, I felt faint again at 4:20, and nauseated as well... I need to back up. this morning after milling around a little, had a little coffee, went to the bathroom and had faint red spotting, I thought my period must have come I used a tampon (sorry so graphic - but) and then went back in later, and no blood in the tampon, and still nothing - maybe a little tinged colored mucus (sorry again), and just recently - absolutely nothing... normally when you have your onset of your period... it starts to basically flow when you see your first hint... Could this be implanting occuring? have I heard that somewhere that you can spot during implantation? does it seem possible that I could be pregnant?


ash - September 14

i was supposed to start my per yesterday but all i had was a littel bit of pinkish blood when i wiped,so i used a tampon and and couple hours later i took it out and nothing was on it , then befor i went to bed i put a tampon in and i took it out in the morning and there was nothing on it but a littel bit o brownish discharge. preg test are neg. i guess i will wait it out.


me too! - September 14

Wish I had an answer. I spotted 5 days before my af is due (it is due tomorrow). Very slight light pinkish/brownish fluid and a little tanish cm. Saw it only when I wiped and it lasted only for a couple of hours last Sunday. Along with this, I also had a bit of cramping. I'm feeling a little pregnant now...but I can't tell for sure. Had a neg.test yesterday and will test again tomorrow. I should say that I NEVER spot of get cramps before af, so this is definitely unusual. I'll post my results when I test again.


JK - September 14

My spotting was only once, I am telling you - I am convinced because of what negative test I have taken, and what the internet says that I am not.... my body says I am. I can't stand this impulse that I have to eat. I am a small framed person, but feel like I am eating everything in site... and if I am pregnant - god I hope this isn't what I do... I am so afraid of that. I normally weigh 112, and right now lately am weighing about 118... which bugs me huge... that's just since last week... I think it's trying to get rid of the nausea over the past few days... and the anxiety probably of not knowing... I just feel different -almost feel it in my belly - but maybe it's my brain trying to fool me. the last time I was pregnant, I do remember this distinctive little "pebble" feeling I always had... I am wondering about that now... and trying to remember when I started getting morning sickness, and if that is what this "onset" is over yesterday and today... maybe I should test again Sat or Sun?


to jk - September 15

if i read you right, you think you conceived on the 9th or 10th? There is NO way you could have fainting symptoms in 2 days. Your body has no clue you are pregnant yet. Yes your fertilized egg can start making hormones by the 3rd day but not enough for your body to know. Fainting is a result of chages to your body's lowering blood pressure,. If your AF is due on the 19 you probably ovulated around the 5th and the 9th is a little late in your cycle. Who knows you might be and if you are trying good luck...


can't believe it - September 15

Well, I wrote on here earlier as "ME TOO." I woke up at 2 AM this morn (day my af is due) and got a faint positive!!!So I guess that WAS implantation bleeding last Sunday. Anyhow, here are my other symptoms...and I have to say they were all subtle. I wasn't sure if I was going crazy or not. -starting burping a lot (Maybe my only symptom that wasn't subtle!) -more saliva -increase in really wet, clear CM (though sometimes it was foggy, milky, and thicker) -felt weird twinges and mild cramps (no pain) in my low abdomen -felt dizzy and sort of out of it from time to time -THIRSTY! -more bms each day and at times unusual for me -slight increase in urination...sometimes in the middle of the night (rare for me) -SLIGHT increase in my ability to smell things. It would come in waves. For example, all of a sudden I was able to smell my coworkers apple from across the room. I could smell my dog from far away. Another time, a candle from far away. I think that's it. No b___b soreness, and because I didn't have this, I thought I might not be pregnant. Not the case. Peace and luck to all of you.



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