Implantation AF Or M C Help

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caz - March 14

I usually have a 26-28 day cycle. This month I had s_x on day 13 (day b4 ov) and had some pg symptoms last week. On day 28 & 29 I had watery brown discharge and thought it could be implantation bleeding (I heard you can get this as late as the day after your period is due). I was going to test yesterday (day 30) but awoke with bad cramps and had a heavy red bleed. However this finished by lunchtime so now I'm confused. My periods are usually the other way around - heavy red for 1 day then brownish for 2-3 days. I no longer have pg or af symptoms - does anyone think this was an early m/c, or could I be pg and still have this type of bleed? If I'm not pg, how do I calculate my most fertile day for this month - do I still base it on an average cycle of 27 days, or go by this month of 30 days? I'd really appreciate any feedback - thanks!


Hailey - March 14

Caz- I am in the same sort of situation. I was due for AF around the 11th..yesterday i had brown discharge with clear cm and was a little gooey, kinda watery. That lasted only a few hours and now nothing. No AF signs, no blood, no brown discharge. Some ladies have commented on my situation and said it could very well bc implantation bleeding. Maybe we are the ones that get it around the time af is supposed to come...I don't know if that is a sign of an early m/c or not....i really hope that isn't the case for you Caz! I wish i had more answers for you! Hope my story helps u a little bit..i feel like we are in the same boat..good luck..and tons of baby dust to fingers are crossed for the both of us!!


caz - March 14

Hailey thanks so much for answering. I've seen some of your posts - it's such a support to know others are going through the same thing isn't it? My gut instinct is that I was pg but am not any longer, mainly due to the bad cramping and sudden heavy flow. I'm clutching at straws, but I've read that some women do get a heavy period and are still pg. What I am surprised at though is that it hasn't been there today so certainly not a normal period for me. Do you think I should work out my ov for this month on 27 or 30 days? I think your situation sounds quite positive - are you going to test?


annie - March 15

caz you could take a test to put your mind at rest but it could be an early m/c. See if you get your period this month... good luck


Hailey - March 15

to caz-how are ya doin today? Have u tested? I still haven't gotten AF..knock on more brown discharge either..Im too d__n scared to test again, i just have a feeling it will be -ve..let me know!!!


sarel - March 15

today when I wiped I got these brown clots but that was it...I don't know what this is! I've been feeling very nauseous lately and I've been going to the bathroom more than usual...any ideas?


caz - March 15

Feeling down - don't think I'll test as I'm sure I'm not pg - wouldn't my b___bs still be feeling sore if I was? Hailey you need to test girl - you def sound pg!! Sarel - how late is your af? sounds like you could have implantation bleeding...


sas - March 15

Hi girlies, I'm in the same boat. Why does this have to be so difficult. Wish we could just know for sure either way. I was due for af on 8th and just got brown very light cm for four days. BFN on 9th and again on 14th. So i guess i'm not. Will keep trying to concieve for next month but something keeps on niggiling me that i am. Will probably test again next week if i continue to feel any more signs like dizziness, very mild cramps, tired and hungry, But of course as you all know these could all be just in my head!!! Good luck..... and baby dust to all.



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