Implantation And Pregnancy Please Help

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Phillipa - January 18

I am having funny feelings in my body. Me and my Partner are trying for a baby. My last period was 24th Dec. We had s_x the whole week I was ovulating from 3 - 8th Jan. My br___ta have been extremely sore since ovulation. My period is due Thu 20th Jan but I started bleeding yesterday morning 17th Jan. The blood started pinkish/red but did not fill my pad. I am still bleeding today 18th Jan a bit red/pinkish and having period pain like cramps all day. I also have pain on left side of my tummy since ovulation day until now. Has anyone experienced such symptoms. I don't want to raise my hopes of being pregnant, I am just anxious and waiting for the bleeding to stop today.


ji - January 18

sounds good 2 me good luck x


kaz - January 18

I have the same symptoms and almost the same cycle as you (period 25th Dec, s_x twice whilst ovulating 2nd-7th) with sore b___bs. Period due 21st but yesterday had brownish red discharge followed by cramps. Today I'm bleeding more heavily so it must be my period (unfortunately) but strange as I never get a 24 day cycle. I'd like to suggest you've got implantation bleeding, as I had hoped I had, but I don't know much about it, or heavy it is. good luck!


tj - January 18

when i had my son, i "spotted" for 2 days around the time my period was due but then just stopped. a friend told me to take a test so i did and it was positive. it sounds like congratulations may be in order.


Phillipa - January 19

Thanks for the encouragement. The bleeding was not very heavy. It started off like a normal period cause mine gets heavy the 2nd day. But yesterday it didn't fill a pad. The bleeding has slowed down overnight and its now patchy and very pink. I woke up this morning with my whole body itching all over and still having side pain left side of abdomen. My period is due tomorrow Thu 20th and I am always 28days spot on, but I am getting very anxious and couldn't sleep properly last night thinking about it and hoping I am pregnant. This will be my 2nd child. I am 35 and I had my first daughter when I was 16 and now she is 19. If pregnant, it will be my partner's first child and he is dying to be a dad at 37. I will take a test on Fri. Thanks for sharing with me your experiences.


J - January 19

Phillipa, I am in the same situation. My last normal period was 26th November after coming off birth control in October. December I spotted for 2 days and I took a hpt in January but it was negative. Now this month my husband and I have been at it like rabbits and I started to bleed on 14th Jan but only once when I wiped and the on the 15th I had a brown discharge when I wiped. I am hoping it was an implantation bleed but with my cycle being so screwed up I dont know what to expect. Anyway I have worked out that I should be roughly due somewhere near the 21st so I may leave it till the 24th and then do a test if af hasn't arrived. I am wishing you luck and sending lots of baby dust your way but I am hoping we will be celebrating some good news together.


J - January 19

Nice to hear that you are in a similar boat as mine. Keep our fingers crossed. My bleeding seems to have died down now and no cramps today. Hope for the best.


kaz - January 19

Best of luck Phillipa - I've been trying to convince myself this is implantation bleed and not AF but today my b___bs aren't sore at all so I can't be pg. My last 2 periods have been very different - painful and heavy but just for the 1st day - and I wonder if it's because of ttc whilst ov but it not resulting in success? Also I was convinced I was pg this month but then AF arrived early and I've never had a 24 day cycle? Anyone else finding ttc is causing different cycles than normal?


Phillipa - January 20

My period was due today, but no blood in sight. The splotting has stopped. I tested 1st urine this morning, due to me being anxiuos but was negative. I am not losing hope yet, as I had an ectopic in 2002 and lost left tube and ovary and hence my anxiety. Still having left side pain and side cramps and my stomach feels so full. Fingers crossed.


Elle - January 23

Kaz - So happy to see someone else has been having weird cycles since TTC. I have *always* been 27 or 28 day cycles, everything pretty normal and since we have been TTC (this is the third month), my cycles have gone CRAZY. Lots of spotting a week before AF is due and then AF shows up. I have my annual check up in mid-Feb but am going to try to move it up so I can talk to my dr about what the heck is going on!!



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