Implantation Bleed

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J - December 21

Hello. My husband and I have been ttc for 2 months now. I had my af on 26 Nov (5 days late) I have been feeling sick almost everyday since the 4th Dec, sore nipples from the 8th (but they have died down now) and then 20th Dec I had blood when I wiped and this morning I have a brownish discharge (af not due till 24th/25th, what a bummer of a day) I hope this is an implantation bleed. I carried out a test on 17th but turned out neg. Does anyone think the same or have the same symptoms Hope this is it. Good luck to those who are ttc as it would make a lovely Christmas Present for everyone trying.


emma - December 21

I have exactly the same symptoms - last period on the same date, and not due till the 24th. Had brownish discharge on the 19th - nothing since. Took an early test today but tested negative. Feeling sick every night and have no appet_te at all. I'm now going to wait until Boxing Day to take another test. Fingers crossed I don't get my period in the meantime! Good luck to you too!


Marla - December 21

I have been trying ttc just started this month I was on the depo for 3 years then my little boy started asking for a baby brother so I went off the shot 6months ago but I have been having cramps and this morning I got up and there was some pink blood on the paper towl then went back and there was a brown discharge and then it went back to pink and it is very lite I cant tell if I'm pregnant or not because I still do not have a period were I went so long with out one but I had a pregnancy tests 10 day ago it to show neg but something is making my side hurt but I dont know if it is me trying to have a period or if I am pregnant please pray for me to be and the rest of you all will be in my thoughths and pray hope we all get what we want for christmas god bless


chrissy - December 21

hello, i am in the same boat as all of you. my last period was on the 24 nov. usually as soon as AF comes my b___bs stop hurting but they never did. and they are larger than ever. i had some spotting right around my ovulation time on the 10 dec. then started the AF like cramping this past weekend and started spotting again (18th dec.) and i am still spotting but now its brownish mucousy like. i also have been feelind quite car sick all the time, and i can be starving only to start to eat something and my stomach will turn over. and i have been able to sleep well toss and turn all nite. i dont no if its in my head or what . we have been TTC for about a year. my AF is due on 24th dec.what a great christmas gift if it doesn't show up. my birthday is the 26 of dec. it also be a great b-day present. i'll keep you all in my prayers.


amy - December 22

I'm having the same symptoms. Af due 25th. Started with pinkish discharge when I wipe. Today it has turned to brown. Boobs and nipples are sore with some stomach pain. I have taken 2 test -all neg. Guess we are all in the same boat. Just have to wait.


J - December 22

Thanks for all of your responses, its nice to know that there are other people in the same situation and that it may not be in my head after all. Everyone keep me posted on your symptoms and how you are all getting on. Looks as though we will have to play the waiting, but a week just seems so far away.


Sarah - December 22

Me too! Had some spotting on the 13th Dec & was due for my period yesterday. Just been and brought a pregnancy test but am too scared to take it incase it's neg. Is this going to be a good xmas or not??


J - December 22

Sarah, let me know when you carry out your test what the outcome is. I'll keep everything tighly crossed for you and send lots of baby dust your way.


J - December 22

Well everyone I think you can count me out of that great christmas present. Started to bleed a little more heavily today (but still doesnt seem my usual bleed). Anyway I'll be back next month and still keep reading your stories but please keep me posted on how you are all doing. Wishing you all the best of luck.


rob - December 25

sorry to hear that J. I had af on the same date and was due yesterday. It's now Xmas and still feeling bloated and achy. Feels like af is coming but nothing yet. I have a hpt test but dont want to do it since I did 2 and they were both neg. will keep you posted.


Christine - December 27

Yep. Just asked the same question. Last period was Nov 9. No period. Test neg. Tonight swollen, tight, b___bs hurt. Red spot in underwear. Some pressure in my lower back, then brown discharge, slight flow, now just brown spots. Nothing heavy. What is it all? Good luck and email me when you find out! Want to have one soon! [email protected]



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