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Nicky* - November 22

I am not sure if I am pregnant or not, all of the signs seem to be there. I feel sick and tired, after I eat I sometimes feel as though I need to get sick but cant. I have been craving anything chocolatey which is unnatural for me. I am bloated and have had wierd, sharp pains in my abdomen. I also have bad back pains and tightening of my lower stomach. My cycle was a bit odd this month, I got my last period the 9th of Nov and it was over in 3 days and extremely light. Generally my period lasts about 5-7 days and is heavy. Many web pages talk about bleeding like a period when there is implantation, has anyone had this happen and do I have reason to be wondering if I am pregnant, I know that many of the signs can be misleading, but I still have this wierd feeling. Please let me know anything about implantation bleeding, especially if youve experienced anything similiar


Audrey - November 22

Implantation bleeding often appears as light spotting, although some women don't see it at all and others have bleeding for a day or two. If you want to be certain, try taking a home test every few days. If there's still no result a blood test might be in order.


Peaches - November 23

When can you expect implantation bleeding? I am five days late and have just noticed some pink!! So I've a__sumed its my period but is very pink when it is usually very dark!! Could this be implantation bleeding?


Audrey - November 23

If conception occurs then implantation bleeding can happen 1 to 3 days afterwards, depending on where the egg was in the system when it was fertilized.


Nicky* - November 23

I took the hpt, it was negative, but I still have this feeling. I am going to test again in about a week or so. Thanks for all your information.


renee - November 23

i have today and i am thinkinging the same but not sure



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