Implantation Bleeding-pg28

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JAMIE - September 5



elizabeth - June 29

I too have been on BC for a few years and had spotting of a brown blood 2 weeks before my period was due. It lasted about 5 days and was nothing like a period. It was discharge mixed with brown blood. My b___sts started to get very full...more than normal and slightly tender. I have also been extremely tired. I am due to get my period in one week so I will wait until then to see.


jenny - July 1

when i fell pregnant in january this year'04 i had my normal period in dec-jan, 10 days later i had another period that lasted 7 days-full bleeding not spotting. so far in my searches no one has had the same as me, only spotting. (unfortunately i had a silent miscarriage by the end of march and didnt know for 2 weeks). my hubby and i are trying again, i am now having a 'period', which is late by 2-3 days, (but falls a week or so after conception)i'm wondering if i may be pregnant again ?


MN - July 2

I am on the patch BC and I have had the same thing, I am due to get my period on Monday, but for like 10 days now I have very irregular spotting and the cramps in stomach and back. I know there is always a chance of getting pregnant while on the patch, but I am very curious to know whether or not it will come on Monday or not, but I will have to wait and see when I get back from vacation on Wednesday, because I am not worrying about it until then. Getting married next month, so I can't wait to find out! I'll let you know what happens.


amber - July 6

how long does it last?


Kitty - July 7

My last period was a full 7 days late. So ovulation would have been the a week later I am having some spotting. One day it was so pale pink, next day nothing...then a little bit darker and then the next day nothing again. I have a week to wait to take a test but this is driving me crazy. My husband and I have been trying for almost 7 months! Are we all just too baby crazy with our bodies? Should I just relax??? Ahhh!!!


Dawn - July 9

I had s_x with my bf during my last period which was June 19-26th and July 5 I spotted for 4 days the first day it was pinkish looking. My next period is due on the 24th of July.


TP - July 10

I too have been on BC for years, been off for about 6 months TTC. My period was due jul 5. Didn't come, however I've been having pains in stomach since jul 5 but no period. on yesterday I had some severe pain in my stomach again a brownish discharge in the morning and got pink by late afternoon now it looks like I'm having very light period. Can anyone explain this? Has this happened to anyone else?


Ang - July 11

I too was due to start on the 5th, and still nothing but I did have a light pinkish discharge... Im going to give it a couple more days then I am going to get a pg test.


TP - July 11

Ang are you having any stomach pains?


MN - July 12

Hi, I wrote earlier and said I would get back to this after I got back from vacation. I ended up getting my period, so I guess that I am not pregnant. Which is kind of too bad! I hope the rest of you guys the best of luck, I don't know what was happening there with me but I hope that next time it means something if it happens. Good luck everyone that wants a baby!


mechie - July 24

I had s_x 4 days ago (unprotected),and my period started yesterday but it's on time,am I pregnant?


louise - July 24

I think what you have experienced is implatation bleeding as I feel this is what i have had i have just had a day of bleeding it has been a mixture of dark red brown and light blood i had a little bit of cramping just like you would a normal period but like i said this bleed lasted just one day then nothing i have all the symtoms of pregnancy esp my b___bs which have pertruding veins nipples are brownish in colour and the little pimples around the nipple are errect and multiplying this bleeding hs occurred a week before my period would have been due so i am thinking it is implatation bleeding my doctor has said according to the dates that i have given her that it is implatation bleeding i have done several tests but they all come up negative she has told me to do another test but they are so expensive. what do you think is happening


Hazel - September 5

My story is much like Louise's. I had s_x during my most fertile days. A couple days later I began having nausea that has yet to go away nearly 3 weeks later. My b___sts began to get tender, my nipples more brown than pink, the bumps multiplied and became more obvious, and veins are visible that I've never seen before. Fatigue, headaches, dizziness, sensitivity to smell (prompting nausea), bloating, some mild cramping, and a change in appet_te have all followed. Today, I had mild spotting (as described throughout this) that I believe is implantation bleeding. I noticed there is a bluing beginning around the opening of my v____a (veins it seems). My period is due to start in 4-6 days. The urine tests (4) have all come back negative, and I'm waiting on blood results. I was told there may not be enough hCG to detect it and to wait it out until my period is late. At this time, am I pretty certain I'm pregnant, but no proof. So if it's not a baby, what is all this?


Dawn - September 21

I went of bc pills 8-28. period on 8-31. S_x on 9-10 & 9-12. Generous amount of mucous with streaks of brown on 9-17 & brown discharge (not very heavy) for about 24 hours on 9-18- 9-19. Blood serum pg test (not beta) on 9-20 with (-) results. Does this sound like implantation bleeding to you guys? Would a non - beta blood test show positive results the day after implanation? I'm confused! Can anyone help?? Thanks!


nicoles5 - May 11

For the last 2 days I have had a brown discharge in the morning it is very light and gone by mid day. I am due for my period in 2 weeks but already have the feeling that I get just before my period. Any idea what this could be?


cdpace88 - May 11

I think you might be pg :) sounds like it could be implatation bleeding. :)



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