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Candy - February 19

Please discribe Implantation bleeding. How much d you bleed and does it occur when you pee and wipe?


sara - February 19

I would like to know that also.


lyla - February 19

hold on Im going to look it up


lyla - February 19

Well so far, I have read that it is a small about of pinkish or brownish blood, and as long as you don't have cramping with it, then you should be okay.


S- - February 19

I have heard that it's different for everyone (lengthwise) and NOT all people have it- I didn't.


Martha - February 23

Yes implantation bleeding usually occurs right around the time you would expet your period, and it does usually show up on the tissue after you use the restroom and wipe. It begins a pinkish and sometimes a brownish mucus like discharge that usually does not soil your underwear, and appears only on the tissue during wiping.


erin - February 27

also wondering


Stephanie - February 27

Although everything says it should be light that wasn't the case for me. I had what I believe to be implantation bleeding with my first. I had a period and then 2-3 weeks later had heavy bleeding for 3 days, now looking back I believe it was implantation bleeding


Theresa - February 27

I have the same bleeding problem.I was 8 day late and when I wiped myself the was brownish blood on the tiolet paper, then a nickel size blood clot and more brownish blood.It lasted for 9 days.I also have signs of pregnancy.


sarah - February 28

I am having pegnancy symptoms my period was due 20th Feb and it normally last 5-6 days. i came on on 23 and finished the 26 i was a very light the first day and heavy the next day and light again the last day. i did take a test 2 days before my expected period but was negitive. could i still be pregnent??


liz - March 1

i want to know what this is? because i have Implantation Bleeding what it says on the web site! does it mean i'm pregnant??


Ali - March 2

This would not be a good time for me to be pregnant. I'm on the patch and I switched my "patch change day" so I'm thinking the spotting might be due to that--hopefully. The last 4 days has been brown when I wipe, and it is soiling my underwear. Just today it was like a tidal wave of brown blood--I mean lots and lots! Help! What do you think it means?


blair - March 3

i just started the patch too.i started it about a week after i got off of my period. now i wil be done with my third patch in two days and i started having some bleeding yesterday. but i really shouldn't start my period until tuesday. i am also having signs of pregnancy , i am tired alot, my b___sts are sore and really tender and i smoke cigarrettes but lately it has been making me sick. am i having implantation bleeding or just a normal period?


rachael - March 4

i would love to kno my periods are so abnormal i had what i thought was one in january but it was brown for 3 days then today i am having the same but its more pink i know i could b pregnant because me and my partner dont use contraception we risk it but its been since june last year and no pregnancy.


Beth - March 4

Can you bleed for longer than your supposed period, if you are pregnant?


Kerri - March 4

Hi, Hope this helps a little. I've had two strange periods, one on Feb 10 which only lasted a day and a half with only brown cm with a little clear cm and I'm not due for my next one until Mar 5 and I've been spotting brown off and on since Feb 27 also with some cramping off and on. I really suspect that I am but not sure until I get a good test done but will keep you updated as tomorrow I will try the First Response preg test to see what happens or tonight I may go to a walk in clinic to see if I can get a test done there. This would be my first if I am hopefully!!!


To Sarah - March 4

I'm experiencing the same thing. I was suppose to have my period on Feb. 8th...I ended up being 20 days overdue and my friend paid me a visit on March's was really light, the next day heavy and now it's light again. I don't know what to think. I booked a docs appointment for next week b/c I've never experienced this before. Does anyone have any idea why this happens? or if it is a sign of implantation bleeding?



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