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yes, it did a week ago - September 19

My period was supposed to come on 9/11/05 and I experience cramping and very light bleeding for about 3 days, and my period still has not come on yet. I had intercourse 8/26/05 could I be pregnant?


fran77 - September 20

well took a test again,and it came out with a very light pink line,2 lines,m i pregnent


Amanda - September 20

I posted yesturday that I believed I had IB , just wanted to post my update , today I went and got a pt and it was negitative.Also, as I was taking the test I went to wipe and noticed I was bleeding like yesturday but a little more today.( Still not alot) My AF isn't suppose to be here until September 25, last night I experienced very bad pains in my stomach , I became very concerned. The pain was not AFcramps.After reading so much about IB with other women I am confussed. I know my test is still very early and I will retest if AF doesn't arrive.Please let me know if anybody has the same issue. I will keep you updated.


Christi - September 23

I have a question I had an aborton on august 9th and I regret every day. I got my period 5 weeks later and it seemed normal. My boyfriend and I had unprotected s_x the last day of my period and it is now 6 days later for the last couple days I've been having light brown and sometimes pink dicharge seems I see it only when i wipe. I actually had a little when my period started too. I don't think this can be implantation bleeding so early. Does any body know


Pearl - September 24

My husband and I are trying to conceive the past three months. Each month I would spot for a few days and then a light period with mild cramping. This month, no warning of me having any symptoms of having a period, and today I had brownish red blood on my pantyliner and when I wiped it there was a lot of mucus(sorry for the details) is this consider implantation bleeding?


Tiffany - September 24

Hi What is Implantaion bleeding? I had missed 2 pills in my second week and now i am bleeding like if im having a light period. Could i be pregnant or did missing the pills throw me into a period? Yes i had s_x with my husband before missing the pills and while missing the pills, Help please!!!!!!!


Angel - September 24

I had my "period" sept 3rd which was a week late it was on and off on and off it was so irregular. could that have been Implantation bleeding?it was heavy then light and so on.


rebekah - September 25

my period was due on the 20th of september instead it came on the 23rd and it was more pink for bout a day then heavy brown discharge now pink bleeding i have done 2 tests both said negative i would like to know if there are any woman out there who are pregnant or have children if so let me know i would love to be pregnant we have been trying for a year and a half x x


Lynn - September 25

Need advice please. My husband and I are trying to get pregnant for four months now. My period always occurs on the fifth of every month. We had s_x on friday the 23rd(during my ovulation) and now I have light brown spotting. Sometimes its bright red, others its brown. Could it occur this early?


NeKe - September 27

I would like to know the answer to that question too. I don't know if I am getting that or not b/c some say it's before your period but I got the same thing 8 days after my period was suppose to come on. None in my underwear not even in my urine but when I wiped it was there. Then some cramps it would stop and start again some days light red almost pink and others brownish like but I' ve taken two pregnancy test both were negative and I have all pregnancy symptoms.


Lisa - September 27

Tiffany- I did the same thing, except I missed 3 pills. On the fourth day when I realized, I started bleeding lightly for 2 days then spotting for 1. Then it stopped. But I've had some weird things happening. Saturday we were cooking chili and the smell made me sick and I couldn't eat lunch. Last night I had HORRIBLE bloating and couldn't eat my dinner. I can ALWAYS eat! Today I feel fine, a little tired, but normal. My period is due tomorrow, but this AM I had pink/brown spotting when I wipe but not on my underwear. I am wondering if this is implantation bleeding or if it's just my body being messed up from missing my pills. Guess I'll find out in the next few days, but it's killing me.


Tiffany - September 27

Lisa, Wow its like im looking in a mirror on this one. Im going through the same exact thing pretty much. I havent gotten sick feeling but i am tired all the time. Let me know how it goes for you. I just stopped bleeding last night it lasted about 2 to 3 days. Im not supposed to start my period for another few days though. Good luck to you for whatever you are hopeing for.


chris - October 8

how soon after implantion bleeding are you nable to take a positive pregnancy test?


Joy - November 3

Well last month, I was not pregnant. I got my period after all. This month, I am due for my period on November 8 and I am not bloated at this point. I usually get bloated a week before I am due for my period. I have been having a very faint clear pink/beige when I pee and wipe, but not all the time. I don't know anymore if this could be IB since last month it happened. However, this month it started happening on Saturday and I still have it once in a while. It does not happen all the time I go to the bathroom. Also, my b___sts usually hurt a lot by this time and right now they are tender, but don't hurt as much. I am not getting my hopes up because I don't want to be disappointed. Baby dust to all!!!!


marie - November 6

I have had some brown spotting and now some red spotting, but i have no stomach craming. Is this normal.


Kira Kirk - November 6

Oh marie! We are in the same boat. When was your af due? Mine was due Nov.4th. No af but yesterday i had brown spotts with pink, now i have brown spots with red( more brown tho). I ALWAYS have cramps the day b4 af but so far notta.



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