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Blaine01 - May 23

I was wondering if someone could help me out. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnany for 6 months. The last time i had my period was APril 28. We then tried during May 12-May16th (my best day was suppose to be the 15th) since then i havent really felt myself. this past saturday i had my first migraine ever and was very nauseous. This morning and this afternoon i experienced some spotting - wasnt really red red but more of a brownish red - could this be implantation bleeding?? its too early to take a pregnancy test and im very impatient :)


BrendaW - May 23

It is very possible that it could have been IB bleeding and with an early hpt test it may not be to early to test you should take one first thing in the morning and then another on Friday if that is negative. Good Luck!!


Blaine01 - May 23

Thanks! I hope it is - we are definetely ready but i know things take time :)


Lin - May 23

I agree with Brenda. I'm just curious - if you had your "first migraine ever," how do you know it's a migraine?


Blaine01 - May 24

Im pretty sure it was a migraine - it started with a crick in my neck and moved into my head - after about an hour i couldnt be in light or have any noise - i was very very nauseous - and tylenol did not help - it wasnt fun!


Lin - May 24

Achso. Hm, that sounds like how mine start out, though for me that's usually followed by numbness in my hands and vision loss (<10% of all migraines). Next time try a cup of coffee. Caffeine is good for migraines. Of course, if you are pregnant, just make sure not to go overboard on it. My doc also told me that an occasional tylenol with codeine is ok for migraines during pregnancy.


Lin - May 24

By the way, I just thought I'd add that I never had any migraines at all until the age of 31.


Emma2 - May 25

I get migraines once or twice a year. I actually throw up and can't stand any noise whatsoever.....The only thing that works for me is advil extra strenght . I havent had a single migraine or headache yet with this pregnancy. Keeping my fingers crossed!


Blaine01 - May 27

I think my intuition did good this time - I found out Wednesday I am indeed pregnant! Great news! the bad news is my headaches wont go away!!


Lin - May 27

Congratulations!!! :) Sorry to hear about the headaches, though. :(



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