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shanda - January 17

well i started spotting today,1week po. i am brokenhearted that this may not be the month. i did a opk last week and know which was my ovulation day. of course i am so anxious i took a pregnancy test today and of course bfn. i am hoping this could be implantaiton bleeding but hopes have gone down. anyone have advice or experiences similar?


SaraLynn - January 17

Shanda, I am 9 weeks pg. When I found out I was pg, I was expecting my af to show on Thursday or Friday. On Tuesday I noticed I had some spotting, thought it was af and went on with things. I got up Wednesday morning and the spotting had completely stopped. I didn't test until Sunday. Keep an eye on it for a couple of days. If it's lighter than what af usually is, then it could be implantation bleeding. If it keeps up like a normal af, then this might not be your month. Give it a couple of days and see where you're at. GOOD LUCK! *~*~*Sticky baby dust to you!*~*~*


MammaJL - January 17

i had spotting today as well.. light pink/brownish.. not much at all. i'm on cd 12.


tbtemplet - January 17

Hi. I started spotting on 8dpo. I am 11 dpo today. It was just when I wiped for a couple days, and now a streak on pantyliner today. Wondering myself if this is implantation bleeding or something else. My AF is supposed to start on Sunday Jan 21. I have an appt with doc for regular checkup on Friday, the 19th. I will ask him then.


krissy2006 - January 18

Shanda, just so you know, if you are not temping there is no for sure that you ovulated. OPKs can only predict ovulation and sometimes predict it up to 2-3 days before. Also, sometimes they become positive but your body doesn't end up producing enough LH (lutenizing hormone) so the only way to know for sure when you ovulated is to temp. Just FYI, but I hope you caught the eggie anyway!!!


DownbutnotOUT - January 18

I had 1 spot of blood on 6/7 dpo and got faint + at 9 dpo and a nice BFP at 11 dpo..I am currently 19 weeks and 4 days preggers! *~*tons of sticky baby dust to you all*~*


frozenfeet - January 18

7 dpo is the typical time of implantation (any time from 6-12 dpo)....and you wouldn't get a + hpt until it has fully implanted and started releasing hcg...for example, I had a implantation dip on 8 dpo on my fertiltiy friend chart, and got my bfp on 12 dpo but got bfn up until that point. Don't give up yet girl!!! GL


MammaJL - January 18

so how long should you wait after you have this "spotting" to test?


frozenfeet - January 18

they say typically 3-4 days but still, you an get a false negative. I'm a test a holic so....I don't mind testing and testing...but if you get a bfn and af doesn't show..keep testing! Some say wait until AF is missed, others say 4 or 5 days after AF is missed is the most accurate.


MammaJL - January 18

thanx frozen...I'm really hoping that it's implantation bleeding that i had.


SaraLynn - January 18

I don't chart my temps at all, and I didn't use an opk this month, so I have no idea what day was o day. I just know that it was cd26 when I noticed the implantation bleeding, and cd31 when I did a home test and got my bfp, realizing that it was implantation bleeding that I had noticed. Good Luck!



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