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lingydarling - February 27

Hello everyone, I'm pretty new to this site, but have been reading all your posts and you all sound so lovely and helpful! I'm a little shy so please bear with me! My clycle is quite irregular, between 30 & 33 days, my last mp was 28th Jan and I think I ovulated 13th Jan (had twinges like I'd dropped an egg!) On Sunday I had a weird pinky brown discharge when I wiped, could this be implantation bleeding? I haven't had anything since, but I do have cramping pains as if AF is due any second and the feeling that she's even arrived but when I check there is nothing! I did a hpt yesterday and it was negative. This is our first month of TTC and I'm worried I'm going to become obsessed, should I just chill out!


nino3 - February 27

Yes, try yuour hardest to chill out. The first few month i was ttc, i was so excited, then istarted stressing about it and started to have weird periods and my cycles went wacky. The mind does many things to the body and if you want to be pg, sooo bad youll see how your periods get weird. Thats just my experience but good luck ttc. Baby Dust


lingydarling - February 27

Thanks for your reply, every symptom I read about on here I'm convinced I have! Will try to avoid reading too much I think! It is only our first month after all! Am intrigued by my c/m though, will just have to be patient I guess.....


jenn_ns - February 28

lingydarling -- any news? Have you tested??? Hey...we're all obsessed around here!!! GL!


krissy2006 - March 1

Sounds like ovulation spotting. It would be too soon for implantation bleeding, unless you implanted on 5dpo which is rare. That is IF you actually ovulated on the 13th. (ovulation twinges/cramps are not conclusive signs of the actual day of ovulation as they can occur up to a week before and up to a week after even if it has never happened before)


lingydarling - March 1

Sorry my mistake, meant to put 13th Feb instead, so would have been 10dpo on 28th Feb. Am now on day 33 of my cycle, I did a hpt this morning but it was negative. Trying my hard not to a___lyse anything too much as I don't think it'll help! If I'm late it's prob because I've obsessed too much!



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