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jessicapena87 - January 20

Ok I had my period on the 7th of this month and my hubby and I had unprotected s_x 3 days ago. I wiped myself today and it was a lightly pink discharge. My period isn't due for almost three weeks!! What is going on? Can it be implantation bleeding? We just started ttc and this was the first time we had intercourse...can I have gotten pregnant that quick?? I already have two and it's usually taken less than 2 months for me to get preggo. What do yall think? Any advice is great?


Naomi98 - January 21

Hi Jessica, lucky you getting pregnant so easily! I could do with some of THAT babydust lol. Judging by the dates you gave, that unprotected s_x was a few days before ovulation. I would guess that the spotting you're seeing now is ovulation spotting. I don't think it would be implantation bleeding so soon - unless you ovulate really early. But still, I'd imagine you're in with a chance...given how fertile you seem to be, you could get lucky again this month!


jessicapena87 - January 22

My doctor said that I'm getting a second period. This really sucks. How many periods am I going to have to endure this month. Last time I was preggo though I had my period a few days maybe thats the case.


Iwantababy - February 3

Hi i m new to this site an me n DH have been ttc for 2years now i have very irregular periods but i did have one dec 4th-15th due to provera and then one again jan 10th15th which came on its own on feb 1st when i went to use the restroom and i wiped there was a little pink blood like 3drops and i just though period was coming on but it didnt an i havent had any more bleeding since could this be implantation bleeding?


sandin - February 5

Hi, im really stuck here ladies and need urgent help. i had a period on the 6th - 8th jan which was very light and then from 26th for a week i was suffering with nausea, sickness, dizziness and its stopped now. I did test which were all negative. My period was due on the 6th but i got light brown spotting on the 4th and now its light red and pink blood at times but its not heavy. im confused could i be pregnant? all tests are negative. the dr did a blood test and urine test last week and i wasnt pregnant. i really want a baby. :-(



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