Implantation Bleeding 2

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Bonnie - September 2

Has anyone out there experienced implantation bleeding that is more than just spotting? My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant. My body has felt really wierd this past week. Mild cramping, swollen br___ts, low I have started bleeding...but my period would not be due for another 4 days. I am usually very regular...and dont cramp before starting. I am slightly worried I could be miscarrying. Has anyone experienced medium level of blood flow..and later found out they were pregnant??


s - September 2

I experienced the same thing, 2 periods in one month, the first day was a bit heavy but lessened for about three days. Not like a period. I also have lower backache nausea and tiredness. I hope I'm pregnant and it's not a miscarriage.


kim - September 2

Could be a miscarriage, but the bleeding is usually heavier. You don't always have pain with a miscarriage so it is hard to say. You could just be having a off cycle and your period came sooner. Implantation bleeding can be like a period but is lighter and shorter. Hope this helps, also the bleeding with implantation is usually tinged pink or brownish not red, but some women on here have said that they had red blood, but everything I have read says different.


Cammie - September 2

I had the same thing happen to me this morning. I started bleeding but AF is not due til 9/5 and I have already had two faint bfp yesterday and the day before. I went to the dr at 11am and they drew blood to check my hcg levels to see if I was in fact pregnant, then they will check again Monday if I am, to see if the levels went up or down to confirm whether or not I miscarried. I am still waiting to hear about todays test... they said they would call me by 5pm..... I will let you know.... my bleeding was def heavier than spotting, I would be 12dpo today, so I don't know if it was too heavy of bleeding for implantation or not, guess I'll have to wait to hear form the dr.


Laurie - September 2

I have had backache all week, my period is due today but I feel all weird. Last week I had very faint pink spotting don't know if I'm pregnant


hi - September 2

had implantation period basically with mine.was exactly like a period only it lasted 3 days instead of the usual 5.everyone is different.good luck all ttc.


Cammie - September 2

Dr's office called back and said the test was neg for pregnancy so obviously there were no hcg levels to give me.... ??? When I asked why I had the two faint BFP's she said she was just a lab tech and I'd have to follow up with my doctor??? So I guess all I know for now is that I am not pregnant, but not whether or not I miscarried.... not sure how they will be able to tell??


Blaire - September 2

This is directed towards Hi's response. You said you had implantation bleeding for about 3 days. Are you pregnant? If so, how far along?



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