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Miya - November 1

these past few days I have been experiencing AF like cramps and no period until today - I thought I might have started my period. Only its extreamly light, I still need a pad though. I'm puzzled. I thought implantation bleeding wasn't red, and that you didnt need pads. How heavy or light can they be? And even what color?


Miya - November 2

someone please answer :-(


nkk4u - November 3

hey my name is nicole and i think i am going through implantation i started to bleed 5 days after ovulation and i have been bleeding for 4.5 days now but it is very light the colors are light pink light red or dark brown not alot tho only like a liners worth all together im so confused tho because i have been ttc for a while now and this is the closest i am having headaches nausea cramps and very tired i dont know tho hopefully


Miya - November 4

hey nicole his is going to sound silly I dont know when I ovulate. On wednesday I thought my period had might of started, a week late. Only it was extreamly light, bright red and only lasted 1.5 days, it didnt even fill one pany liner. Now when I wipe there is a dark pinkish like discharge. I'm also getting headaches and slight cramps. What do you think?


Grandpa Viv - November 4

True implantation spotting is most often described as "pink and brown when wiping" and occurs a week before your expected period if at all. Other bleeds may occur as pregnancy gets established. Some women will have light periods during the first trimester. Others experience extended brown spotting as the "old blood" lining of the uterus sheds. Others have bright bleeds as though a blood vessel is reaching out for the fetus and does not make it. Occasionally there will be what seems a full b__wn period and yet a pregnancy has been established regardless. Miya, it is time for you to test, first pee tomorrow morning and another a week later to double check. You likely ovulated Oct 10 and s_x the previous weekend would have been on the money. Think July 17 2008. Dollar Store works fine. There is also the possibility that with an irregular or upset cycle, you could have ovulated later, in which case it may be too early to test. Good luck!


nkk4U - November 6

hey miya how is everything going it is now day 8 for me still light pinkish brown i still have headaches nausea fatigue sore b___sts and minor cramping my period isnt due for another 6 days i dont know very confused


Miya - November 7

My stupid mate forgot to get me a test. I'll have to wait untill saturday to get one. I cant get off this island untill then. The bleeding/spotting has stopped, but I still am getting headaches and mild cramps. Today my back hurts slightly and I my bbs are mildly tender, I even think I felt queasy yesterday...... I wonder if I'm reading into things to much. I hope you're feeling OK today Nicole.


jenn W - November 7

Miya, it's a good sign that it stopped because if it was af, it would probably still be around I'd a__sume. That sucks that you can't get a pregnancy test for a while. I've heard of people spotting a lot on this board, but you've got a lot of the right signs too. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!


nkk4U - November 7

hey my spotting didnt stop how long did yours last mine is going on 9 days i heard of peoples lasting for a little bit i dont know i guess im still scared i still am having symptoms thanks for asking



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