Implantation Bleeding Bleeding Gums

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Steffi B - April 8

Yesterday I brushed my teeth and my gums were gushing blood. When I went to the bathroom I was spotting a bit of brownish blood that went away by midday. Is this IB? Are my gums bleeding another sign of pregnancy. Too early to test. Please help! Thank you!


kim - April 8

Bleeding gums are a sign. I have two kids and this was a clue for me. When pregnant there is more blood volume in your body which can cause the gums to swell and in turn they bleed.


Steffi B - April 8

Thanks so much for your response. Between that and the spotting it has been a little confusing. I appreciate it!


Megs - April 8

It is a sign, however, it coudl be comething else...I was put on progesterone and Clomid last month by my dr and I started to get what looked like gingevitis. I was convniced I was preggo, but it turns out it's the hormones in the meds that made it that way. But it is also when you are in your luteal phase as well since your progesterone is high then too. It's not the plaque in your teeth, it's the way your body now reacts to the plaque due to the levels of hormones. Keep flossing and using Listerine, go get your teeth cleened thruout your pregnancy too that should help! If you've never had this before and you are not on hormones, then you are prob. pregnant!


Steffi B - April 8

No...I have never had this before. Minor bleeding from a gum irritation, but this was altogether different. I have never been on hormones either. This morning, it occured again, but not as strongly. I am not spotting anymore today, but I hear implantation bleeding can have a short duration? Is this true. Thanks for all the advice. I am new to this!


Grandpa Viv - April 8

If you are getting preg then you are "on hormones" which affect blood vessels in all sorts of places (veins on b___bs, purple v____a, bleeding gums). You need to get your teeth cleaned by a dentist as bleeding gums in pregnancy have been linked to underweight and premature delivery. Good luck!


Steffi B - April 8

I will do that. Thank you for the advice. Like I said, it is still to early to do a test. I am about 9 days to AF. Are these fairly strong signs? I have never been PG before and do not want to get hopes up. Thanks again!


cindy - April 8

Is veins on b___sts really a sign? I have blue veins on my b___st, colostrum from b___st, and white bumps,but my urine test have been negative.


Steffi B - April 9

I have hearb blue veins are a sign, but I am not sure how prominent they have to be, to be a sign.



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