Implantation Bleeding How Do I Know

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Elle - December 2

My period is due on Sat. the 4th, and my husband and I have been trying. I have been charting my BBT and as of this morning, my temps are still high. Yesterday and today, I experienced some light spotting when I wiped. There was a bit more tonight. I usually spot before my period, but I don't really feel the usual cramps I do with a period. Could I still be pg? If so, could this be implantation bleeding? I am 11 DPO today.


zuly - December 2

Implantation bleeding is usually light and may last anywhere from a few hours ot a few days. If your period is late, you can do a home pregnancy test.good luck Take a test or go to the D.R.


tiffani - December 2

It could absolutely be implantation bleeding. If my memory serves me correct, I believe it occurs 7-10 after fertilization occurs when the embryo burrows into the lining of your uterus. I'm hoping you are, keep us posted!


Elle - December 2

Zuly and Tiffani - thanks for your quick responses! I'm feeling kind of disappointed that it might be my period coming on, but I'm still hopeful. I'm interested to see what my temp is in the morning. I will definitely come back to this thread and let you know. Keep your fingers crossed!


tiffani - December 2

Fingers are crossed. Good luck!


alicia - December 2

i was due for my period on the 4th of november but my schedule is somtimes a little late so i think i ovulated then instead because of the discharge...well i noticed that real light spotting only when i wiped for about 3 days(with cramping) 11 days after i would have conceived. good luck and keep us posted


zuly - December 3

Wish you the best of luck.


Elle - December 3

Well, my BBT was still elevated this morning but the light spotting is still continuing. I have also been nauseous and had diahrreha all day long (but I think it may have been something I ate). I'm still hopeful!


zuly - December 3

Don't loose hope. I'll be praying for you.


Elle - December 4

Looks like AF has arrived. I had bright red blood when I wiped this morning. Nothing else just yet but I have also been cramping, and since my period is due today, it looks like I have to wait another month. Plus, I had a fever yesterday and a little this morning, so I can't tell anything by my BBT!


tiffani - December 4

Damn that Aunt Flo.


Elle - December 4

No kidding! It's still kind of sporadic, so I guess I won't really believe it until I start bleeding like I usually do during my prd, but... I think I'm psyching myself out by reading all these posts about women having their period while being pregnant. I never realized that could happen and figured it would be rare, but it sounds common on this website!


Misty - December 5

Please don't go by bbt when trying to conceive.Your temp rises ONLY after ovulation when it is too late.I would recommend home ovulation predition tests.They are just like pregnancy tests and easy to use.They are very accurate.Charting your bbt should only be to find out the time of month you are most likely to ovulate.My sister tried to concieve for 2 years using bbt.It wasn't until after the doctor told her it was a very inaffective and made suggestions that she became pregnant.


Elle - December 6

Misty, Thanks for the advice, but I actually did know about BBT. I just started charting this month to see when I ovulated though we tried lots before the temp rose. ;-) I was also using it to see if I had gotten pregnant b/c they say 18 days of high temps usually means yes. Thank you though!


Heather - December 7

Elle, you will get pregnant! Think happy thoughts. My husband and I are in your same boat! My AF is due on Dec. 18, but today I started spotting. Here's hoping for implantation bleeding and not an early period!


Elle - December 7

Heather, thanks for the encouragement. Though we just started trying, I want it to happen so badly, that I was pretty disappointed. Your situation sounds hopeful, though! It seems a bit early for an early period! I will keep my fingers crossed for you.


Kate - December 7

Hi everyone.... does implantation bleeding happen for everyone??? I am due on the 11 and no implantation bleeding.. very bloated and ga__sy though..your help would be greatly appreciated



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