Implantation Bleeding Im Confused

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Siinnderella - January 4

Hi, I'm new to this forum...actually I've never even been to any pregnancy forums until I just started to investigate the implantion bleeding.... This is what happend to me.... 11 -12days ago I knew my period was due soon... I woke up and just spotted a tiny amount of just enough to make me think...well my AF is on its way... then it was gone... the next day the same thing... Just slight pinkish and only a very small amount...then it was gone... after that I was kinda thinking to myself....that was the wierdest thing...I've never seen my period give me a preview then disapear....It usually goes from light straight to heavy...but has never completely disapeared.... I was concerned about it but kind of just passed it off as maybe its just acting wierd...stress and all.... Even though I have been extrememly regular in getting it ever since it started... Well....I of course had been talking about it with my fiance...even when it happend i thought it was strange because it was so little and just pink...not like the usual bloody mess that it can be...(sorry if too vivid) I told my mom about we are very close....she imediately made me take a HPT... that was about 3 days after my last spotting... The test said I wasnt worried... It was one of those 99.9 % accurate tests...thats what it said anyways.... Then my fiance started to research it online..and found all this information about implantation bleeding... Neither of us had ever heard of it....Alot of the information I have read now about it....sounds very similar to what I had happen to me.... I'm just wondering now...If I could have took the HPT too soon.. I know some women do get a negative the first few tests...even though they may be positive... Well...I'm not going to mention it to the rest of the family yet.... I think I will wait a little while longer and try to retest.... I just kind of need to talk about it somewhere....I'm feeling anxious and just about to burst...not knowing... I'm glad to have found a place where other people have heard of this.


Emily - January 4

oh good luck! I had somethign similar. I had a spot of pink that was a little gooy the day my af was due. I already got my pos test the day before. I was so scared cause I m/c one not long before that and only spotted. Well I calle3d my doc and he said some woman will spott around the time they have their period. It is not techanlly IB, but when the egg burrows deeper intot the lining. He siad it is perfectly normal. He checked my levels of hormones and tehy doubled like they were supossed to so everythign was good. I am now 15 1/2 weeks. Also many woman don't get a pos test until later on, so take a sensiotive test like first responce in a couple of days if still no period. Use first morning urine for bst results. Good luck and please keep us posted....



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