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May88 - February 22

I just have a quick question! I've never posted on one of these forums before, but I figured I could ask for advice before rushing to the doctors for something that maybe nothing! So thanks in advance!! I have been with my boyfriend for 4 years in july, and a few months after we first started dating I got pregnant our first time having s_x. I was not thinking and was not on birth control or anything of that sort! We ended up choosing the medical abortion (the two pills) I was only 16 at the time, so I knew I wasn't ready for a baby. But after that, my doctor put me on birth control and I have been on it for a couple years now! Anyways, I stopped taking it this january, and my last regular period was on the 24th of january, I have a 28 day cycle, I'm not sure which day I ovulate or anything, I'll be honest! But I DO know that my cycle is always the same and I always expect my period on the same day! Which means my period would have been due yesterday. But instead of my usual heavy 4 day long red period, I just had a couple spots of blood and then the blood pretty much stopped completely almost and instead of blood, I've had more brown spotting. I heard this can be what is considered implantation bleeding?? But I don't really have any SYMPTOMS of pregnancy? Just tired and more hungry than usual. But I thought then again, I could be just tired? But I do FEEL like I've been using the bathroom for both #1 and #2 more the past couple of weeks? Like I said, I don't know exactly when I ovulated, but I do know we have had unprotected s_x very many times since I went off my pill? I would like too have a baby, but I don't want too get my hopes up? We havn't tried for very long so I can't be disappointed, but I was just seeing what this could be? Its deffinately not normal for me too almost NOT have a visible period? I did take a test this past friday I don't know why? Haha but I thint it was too early seeing how my period wasn't due until yesterday, (sunday) ? When would I be able too take a test and count on it too be accurate? And how long would this brown spotting be if it WAS being caused by implantation? IS it even implantation with really no other major symptoms?? Thank you!!


missoulian21 - February 24

It could be because you just got off the BC pills, that throws your hormones all out of whack for a while. I went through the same thing when I went of the pills for a year when I was a teen, before I was s_xually active, and I had the same symptoms that you described. But you could also be pregnant, my best advice would be to go get a pregnancy test and try it at home over the next week or so (Use several, I do) and maybe see the doctor. Any time that your body is behaving differently than usual, then it means you should see the doctor, just in case, it never hurts to be sure!



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