Implantation Bleeding PLEASE HELP

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anonomous1 - July 10

With implantation bleeding is it common to have a little tissue passing with the blood (not enough to hint a miscarriage)?? They say implantation can be confused as a lighter period, does that also include passing some tissue?? Is that the uteren lineing??


Emma2 - July 10

Implantation itself is uncommon hun. I have never really heard of pa__sing tissue...I've read that its more likely to be just brown spotting or extremely light pink bleeding.


sarahd - July 10

What do you mean by "tissue"? Do you mean clotting? I'm pretty sure that you don't get clotting with implantation bleeding. How much bleeding have you had (i.e. how many pads in how much time have you used)?


anonomous1 - July 12

Sort of like clotting but alot smaller and alot less. I barely even noticed it. As far as the bleeding, its kind of like Im having a very very light period. The first day I didnt used a pad at all. The second and third day I used two and today it is stopping so one so far. I took a pregnancy test yesterday and it came up negative. Im really scared...I do know what is wrong with me!!


JustMe - July 12

I am having small amounts of brown spotting, bleeding also. I'm not sure of this is implantation bleeding or if AF is coming to visit me. Last period was on June 8th, ttc on June 24th, but havent had allot of symptoms rather than frequent urination, tired, and bloatedness. What do you think?


Anon_1 - July 13

I have a problem my self, i am 3 days late on my period but 6 days ago i had a couple of red blood spots on the tissue whilst i wiped after going to the toilet, it wasn't enough to show up in my pants but there were 2 little tiny spots on the toilet paper. the blood was bright red. it hasn't happened again after that but do you think it was implantation bleeding? normally my b___sts hurt for about 2 weeks before af arrives but they arent hurting me at all this time although i have just started taking seven seas pure cod liver oil with added evening primrose oil, that may have something to do with the no b___st pain. what do you think?


jeni23 - July 19

sounds like implat bleeding to me,and yea that helps not have so much b___st pain:)


Lin - July 19

Sounds like a strange period to me.



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