Implantation Bleeding Timing

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Kay - August 5

If you were to spot about the time af was due and it was due to implantation bleeding, when would you be able to test and get accurate results?


C. - August 5

I think spotting around time AF is due, is not implantation, but just hormonal spotting. This is because the pregnancy levels aren't quite high enough yet to prevent the uterine ledding from shedding a tiny bit. Also, pregnancies that implant late, (and implanting when your AF is actually due is late), have a considerably higher m/c risk. But since I don't think it's implantation spotting but hormonal, I think that the m/c risk is irrelevant in your case. You can definitely test the day AF was due, pretty much any brand of hpt should give you a BFP if you are pregnant. - And back to your original question, you can probably pick up a pregnancy around 5 days or so after implantation. Good luck with the testing.


caz - August 6

implantation IS normally around the time your af would be due, i have had three kids first one ib was before af was due by few days, second one ib was a bit later than af was due and with my third i thought it was just a normal period but it turned out it was ib just take a test and see, good luck, ib can be anything from little spotting to like a period, caz


nervousttc - August 6

my $.02 - also, don't forget that MANY ept's won't detect a pregnancy until you're oh.. 10 days late or so. That just depends on your body and how much hcg hormone you are producing. Lots of women are slow hcg producers... others CAN detect pregancy as early as 5 days past implantation.


Kay.... - August 7

I normally don't have too much trouble with TOM but today was the worst. I knew something was up last month when I spotted for about 10 seconds and never got TOM. Yesterday I was 3 days late again but could really tell it was on its way cause I was having so many cramps. It tried to get started but didn't do anything till today. Right in the middle of church I started having some of the worst cramps of my life. By the time I got back home I was in so much pain and had been trough so many "personals" that I was really worried and then (TMI warning) what was coming out was even more worrisome. So I ended up at the ER. They first thought I was having a miscarriage, which I told them was not likely but they had to rule it out. Long story short I had several unpleasant procedures and was diagnosed with DUB dysfunctional uterine bleeding. Basically that means a heavy period. lol They ran some blood work to make sure I wasn't bleeding out and to check other levels(Hcg, iron, blood count etc... ) He said my uterus was having to expel the build up from last month as well as this month which explains the pain and volume of bleeding. Once they were sure I was not hemorrhaging they let me come home. So my day was pretty much shot. The pain is a lot better now and I feel more a__sured that I am not bleeding to death. Now I have to keep track of how many pads I am going through and if I spike a fever I have to go back. Thanks for your thoughts I appreciate them!!



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