Implantation Bleeding And Tubal Pregnancy

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mtwyldwunz - April 10

hi i am now 19 days had a tubaligation in 98 after third child was born. having symptoms of pregnancy. Anyway I was wondering if i had implantion spotting around the time my AF was supposed to arrive do you think a tubal pregnancy is still a concern? any one please help


Tink75 - April 10

Mtwyldwunz...if you even "suspect" a tubal, get checked out asap. Tubal pregnancies are VERY life threatening if not caught in time. Good Luck


mtwyldwunz - April 10

thank you Tink75 I dont suspect to much i figured if i am pregnant that i am about 7 weeks 1 day and i have not had any symptoms but will keep on the look out. thank you


BrendaW - April 11

Are you going to take a pg test?


k - April 11



Tink75 - April 11

Please let us know what happens mtwyldwunz; I myself have my tubes tied but had a laparoscopy this past Jan. and the doctor said even though my tubes are tied there is still a chance I could get pregnant (again); my tubes are only clamped so basically the reason I'm here is to get to know people who are ttc (and make new friends) and just hopeing for my own miracle...that's what it would be. Like I said in a earlier post, I was pregnant in Sept. of last year but ended in mc...beings that that happened it's hard for me to give up hope that some day I can have another child...atleast til I can afford to get a reversal...good luck hun :O)


mtwyldwunz - April 11

Thank you everyone for your support. I have done Hpt and first one negitive and second positive so blood test scheduled for monday so by then almost 4 weeks late. so according to my figures i will be 8 weeks and 1day then. I promise to keep everyone up to date. Again thank you I still wonder how long i should worry about a tubal pregnancy I think i read that 6-7 weeks is typical but up to 10 weeks? Huh guess we will know soon enough. Its been so long since i have been Pregnant that I forgot what it feels like. Again thank you



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