Implantation Bleeding CD 12

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Lisa - January 24

We have been ttc for 6 months, I'm presently at CD12 (ovulation could have occured 2 days ago but have only recorded 2 days of high temps) and today was the first time ever that I've experienced spotting in the middle of my cycle. My usual cycle length is 24 days. Is it at all possible that this is implantation bleeding?


Anna - January 25

Hi Lisa, I am not sure myself. My menses were supposed to come on the 24th of Jan., however on the 19th light pink and then brownish color spottings occured, or I should say more than spottings and the flow is much less than regular menses. I feel nauseated, sore b___st, light headed, dizzy, tired... I went to PP and did preg. test and it came out negative. They told me that I could be pregnant, but the hormone level would not show yet. ( 10-12 day period from last interocourse) They also told me that the spottings could be the implantation bleeding, which occures in many women. (So maybe you are having implantation bleeding, but the test may not show yet) I am going to do another test next week.. I really want to get preggy and I am praying it will happen soon. Good luck and God bless, Anna


melanie - January 25

yes as it happened to me not red blood but dark blood


Lisa - January 25

Thank you for responding Anna & Melanie! I am so hoping that I am pregnant but I'm not sure if the spotting was implantation bleeding or if it was too soon within the cycle. Most of my reading indicates that implantation bleeding can occur from day 7 to 10 past ovulation, not the 2 days after ovulation as I experienced.... my fingers are crossed af is not due until Feb 6 which is still 12 days away. Good luck to all!


sarah - January 25

I had slight pink blood in mucus 8 dpo along with b___st tenderness, light headed at times, tired, and starving!


Lisa - January 25

Hi Ladies: I believe I may have found my answer. Mid cycle bleeding occurs in 10% of women, this would occur around the time of ovulation and is usually mixed with cm and is considered very fertile....this is good news! If the spotting occured close to the end of my cycle near to when af was due, it could be implantation bleeding. Fingers are crossed on both hands now...I have entered into the dreaded waiting period. Good luck Sarah this could be your month!



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