Implantation Bleeding IB

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Ravini - January 3

Hi girls, Just need to know some stuff about this.. let me put the q's in order. 1. Does every one have IB? 2. how many DPO does it happen 3.How many DPO is it ok to test for a BFP 4.Does IB last long? (In Days ) 5. In which amounts? (Is it heavy?) Thanks so much in advance...


Mandy - January 3

i Never had IB. I got my bfp on a senseative test about 17dpo.


Ravini - January 3

thanks so much mandy :-)


Deb - January 4

1. Not everyone has IB, in fact, it is not as common as everyone on this board thinks it is. Many people get spotting before their periods and hold on to the hope that it is IB, but it is really AF. 2. There is no exact dpo when it happens. Some people report it a couple of days before their AF is due, for me, I had only a smear of brownish discharge at 16 dpo, which many would consider late. 3. There is also no exact dpo for testing. Some people are lucky and get positives early, while others don't get them until their AF is several weeks late. I would not test any earlier than 10 dpo, but if you test that early, expect a bfn. I got my BFP at 12 dpo, and I seem to be one of the lucky ones. Most people recommend not testing until AF is late. Then if it is negative, test every other day after that until it is positive, or AF shows up. 4. IB lasts different amounts of time for different people. For me I only got a smear at night and then the next morning. That was it. Others say it lasts a day. It shouldn't last very long at all. 5. It should be very light, as I said, mine was only a smear on the toilet paper. If I hadn't looked at the toilet paper, I wouldn't have known I had it. None on my underwear. Some say light enough just for a panty liner. If it is heavier than that, it is probably AF. I hope this answers your questions! Good luck!


Marie - January 4

Hi there... just as all things go with ttc, we are all different and I am an example. I started spotting at 8dpo and it lasted for about 4 days- never turned red, was just brown, but was more than just your typical spotting. I wondered if I was getting AF so wore a tampon- it never filled, but was enough to make me wonder. I tested BFN during the spotting time. I waited one more week, tested the day after Christmas and got a BFP. I am now 6 weeks and had my first appointment this morning and was blessed enough to see the sac thru a v____al ultrasound. So IB definitely happens differently for everyone.


DJ - January 4

I think Deb is right it does happen but I don't think it's common. Congratulation Marie


Ravini - January 4

Deb- Thanks sooo very much for the information and taking the time to reply to my question... i think i am clear ont his part now.. thanks so much ..oh by the way today i am 11DPO and i got a BFN... i still have my blotaed stomach.. but i guess i am not PG at all...


Ravini - January 4

Marie/DJ - Thanks all for your answers.. am getting kinda depressed now.. :-s


Deb - January 5

11 dpo is probably just too early to test. Wait two days and try again. It takes two days for the HCG hormone to double. It is not over until you get a BFP or AF shows up!


Ravini - January 5

Hi deb- went to my gyno yesteday and got my second round og clomid prescribed... wanted me to see if AF shows up and take it if she does appear... :-(


DJ - January 5

Ravini, I'm waiting for AF to start my 3rd round of Clomid at 100 grams. Before I was at 50 grams. I just got my neg. from my doctor but AF isn't hear yet. It's very light spotting nothing red. I'm not sure what day I should count from to begin starting. Anyway Ravini 11 dpo is to early to begin testing


Ravini - January 5

DjJ - my dose was increased to 100mg yesterday from CD 2-7 ...waiting for AF to show up... next testing is gonna be lyk the 17th or something... my first round was in november. didnt take it in december though...



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