Implantation Bleeding Or About To Miscarry Im Scared

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becky - April 8

hi everyone. my sched m/c is today. (28 days cycle) Yesterday I started to have some pms symptoms and brownish spotting on and off through out the day. ...mostly when i just go pee and wiped off. Today is the same thing....abdominal pains and brownish spotting again. Is this Implantation bleeding or am I about to miscarry??? im scared...need your advices please thank you.


becky - April 8

i forgot to add that I have an adnexal cyst on top of my right ovary. does it mean that i may be having an ectopic pregnancy or just a normal implantation bleeding...need help please...


Kerri - April 8

Hi, I'll try to help but it sounds like maybe possible implantation bleeding but if you are due for a/f today and don't maybe get a full period then you can test for pregnancy with a urine test just to be sure or go to your doctor. From what I have been told on this site that a miscarry is a really heavy bleed with dark clots which I don't read in your post. If the cramps get really bad then definitely get to your doctor asap. Good luck and hopefully baby dust! They also say that you can have brownish spotting off and on while pregnant as well.


becky - April 8

thanks only having spotting...not heavy bleeding...your reply is promising thanks.


kim - April 8

Ecotopic pregnancy can present this way. Are your cramps bad and persistant? Implantation bleeding should not be painful. Being due for af today, means it could be your period trying to start. If you are really concerned about ecotopic then you need to see a DR. this can be very serious if nit caught before the tube ruptures. Around 8 weeks.


D - April 8

Until your period is a bit later or you take a HPT, it is very difficult to say whether or not you are pregnant. The first period I missed, I had abdominal cramping just like normal pms. I ran to the bathroom every 30 minutes or so, thinking my period had started.... but nothing. I did have some brownish spotting about a week later, and the spotting lasted 2 weeks. My u/s have showed everything to be fine, and my doc said she thought it was implantation bleeding. The cramping caused by an ectopic pregnancy is typically on one side only, and the cramping you watch out for is sharper and more painful than dull period cramps. Also, an ectopic pregnancy might not show up as a positive on a HPT. Check out some of the threads on the General Pregnancy and First Trimester topics if you are interested. There are quite a few ladies who have discussed the cramping and/or spotting issue.



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