Implantation Bleeding Period

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Jamie - January 13

I was supposed to start my period on Jan. 4th which it didn't. The week before I was extremely moody, tender br___ts, etc. Then last Wed. I spotted once during the day - it was really pink. Then again on the following day, just once and very light pink. Then this past Monday morning I woke up in middle of night with cramps - they only last an hour. Then I started having what I guess is my period - but it is not normal. It is brown and very light. It is never like this. I have heard that implantation bleeding is brown, but does it usually last this long? When I usually get my period I have cramps for several days - this time only that one morning. Any ideas? On a side note, last Friday I took a preg. test because I thought I was. I posted on here asking about EPT test because my results were weird. The new EPT you need a plus sign in the one window. I got the vertical line and a barely there horizontal line for the plus. To be negative you should have only a horizontal. Someone said to get a vertical line you have to have the hormone in your blood stream. The window looked messed up because the ink had smeared somehow. I took another one a 1/2 hour later. Results were hard to read again. What does all this mean?


Jane - January 13

You should call the number on the box and ask the EPT. But other test say even if the line is faint, then your pregnant


Jamie - January 13

I thought I was but I cannot figure out what is going on with this bleeding. Like I said it is very brown and light, yet has been going on since Monday. Does anyone think this is my period or could it be implantation bleeding?


kim j - January 13

I dont think implantation bleeding last to long.. I was also due for my period on the 4th. It was 5 days late and the first day it was a browninsh color so I thought implantation bleeding but the next day my period came. I would go get a test and test one more time. You may even want to call your doc. If you think you may have had a positive result then you may be pregnant and some women can bleed in the 1st trimester. I would test again and if you get a neg I would a__sume it is your perid and it is just different this month. Mine was different too. Hope I helped you out. keep us posted with the results. My period is gone as of today so we will be trying again, I hooe this is the month!


Jamie - January 14

kim j - Well today I have had really bad cramps and it is a little more heavier. How weird though - since I have had it since Monday! I am hoping that this month will be our month too. How long have you been ttc? We have been trying since Sept. Good luck to you!!



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