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katina - May 28

I was supposed to get my period on 5/26. instead, I got a small pink discharge. The next day, I got a little brown discharge. I have never had this before. The only time ive seen brown spotting was in the last days of my period. I though I would get my period today but nothing. could I be pregnant. please advise.


Lin - May 28

Only you can tell that. Take a test! It could be your period or ib, but the latter is not particularly common.


Emma2 - May 29

You're late...Test!


buffy2297 - May 29

I am pregnant 4 weeks & 4 days and had exactly the same when my AF was due still get it now. Pink blood and brown discharge, which is old blood. I'd test. Let us know how you get on. Good luck


Tama - May 30

Maybe you girls can help me ... i had a 3 day period (very heavy bright red and dark red clots) from 12 to 14 May then the normal bd'ing every other day: i started having creamy brownish discharge last week 22nd and still going, only when wiping (sorry tmi), last night when wiping bright red and gone again. I had a faint bfp on the morning of 12 May, so i lost it, i think : anybody have an idea? ....(@).... babydust and bump 2 all !


LillyB - May 30

I am 5 weeks pregnant and I didnt get any spotting at all. I completely missed my period. I have heard that implantation spotting is rather light in colour and pinkish, and then goes darker because the blood is old by the time it reaches your underwear or the toilet paper. If you are late, and u are normally regular, then I would say you have a good chance of being preggo. I have never missed a period in my life before until now, and I am pregnant.


katina - May 30

Thanks ladies. I am going to take the test. I have had faint cramps and very mild back pain. Today I felt a little nauseated but it would have gone unnoticed if I werent so attentive to my physical changes. Wishe me luck!


Tama - May 31

Its 9 days of on and off again brownish and bright red discharge (sorry tmi), yesterday afternoon felt sick 2 my stomach and didn't had any appet_te last night. This morning normal creamy discharge and my bb's are VERY tender, more than yesterday ....(@) .... may this be the signs for a bfp next week ... bump and babydust to all


Tama - June 1

Katina, did you test? buffy2297, i have a question for you and sorry if tmi! the brownish discharge i've been having started about a week after my af and is on and off again for about 11 days now and supects it might keep going on like that till either af appears of (hopefully) bfp .. when and for how long did ib last with you? and how long after did you get your bfp? ...(@).... bump and babydust!



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