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peta-leigh - May 28

hi, i'm not too sure when af is due, (cant remember when i finished last) but i'm pretty sure that i ovulated in the last week. the past few days i've hard strange pains in lower abs, implantation cramps? i've got the flu atm, (sore throat, runny nose) and my nipples are really sore to touch, which has never really happened before af before. me and dh has been using pull out method for 2 or 3 months now, and we definately had s_x in my most fertile time (although he did pull out). wish i could remember when af is due! this last month has been so hectic i just cant remember when i finished af. but anyway, does it sound promising? i know its probably too early to experience any symptoms, but here's hoping hey?


Nell4Him - May 31

Do you know when you started your last AF? It doesn't matter when you finished. Your cycle length is from 1st day of AF to day before 1st of next. If you do remember your 1st day of AF, then you should be able to count 5 weeks after and you shoule (not always) be late for AF. I have been in the situation before as well. I have often not known when to expect AF but usually from stopping birth control. I am not expert, but I would say that your symptoms sound like preg, but better take a test to be sure. If neg, and still feel preg with no AF, test again the next week. If really confused and you can afford to, go to Doc and talk.


Emma2 - May 31

Pms and early pregnancy symptoms are identical and are hard to differentiate the two until well into weeks of pregnancy. You have no choice to wait it out for at least the next week and a half.


peta-leigh - June 3

thanx for your advice emma2. i will wait it out, am trying not to think too much about it, as i know ill end up just dissapointed. the last couple of days i havnt been feeling myself. i got car sick for the first time 2 days ago and again yesterday (i dont usually get carsick while i'm driving) and all of a sudden the smell of cigarette smoke makes me gag (dh smokes) last night i also felt sick before i went to bed and again this afternoon. i havnt thrown up though. also, i've had heartburn a couple of times since last week (i very rarely get it). i'm trying so hard not to get excited, but its' really hard. everyone around me are all having babies except me!


Chas - June 3

just a question... maybe none of my business, but if your dh was pulling out does he know you want a baby? and will he be supportive ? Good luck


peta-leigh - June 4

chas, yes me and dh have talked about starting a family for awhile now, but he'd rather it be more of an accident atm, as he's worried we arnt goiing to be financially stable enough. we have just bought a house (move in this week). he'd be very happy if i were pregnant, but as i said, he'd rather it be a surprise, rather then a planned pregnancy



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