Implantation Cramps

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River-May - December 16

Hi,I had a misscarriage 4 month-did not know I was pregnant it happened.My partner and I spent Saturday and sunday together and I I felt a short kind of cramp. The next morning I woke up and was in so much pain that I was hospitalised but they sent me home unable to figure out what was wrong.So I was ondering if anyone ever got that and if it could have been implantation cramps. Today it seems af arrived but it should not have com for another week or so and its different somehow. ..


leeanne1977 - February 2

im on day 21 of 28 day cycle. i never experience any pms cramping just some b___st tenderness before af..this month however i had cramping for aprox 3 days around 17 of my cycle. been ttc for 5 years had 2 mmc never noticed this cramping before. could it be implantation???


chubbyfrog - February 6

I am on day 18 of my cycle and have been experiencing cramps for days now. It started later in the day after I was inseminated. Those cramps were sharp and felt more in my right ovary. Now I have been having mild cramping in my lower abdoman. Is it too soon to experience implantation cramping on days 15-18 of my cycle?


beantown - March 11

Hi girls..I am very frustrated because I am having bad cramps. Given, I missed my period now for two months. I took a pregnancy test today and negative. I had unprotected s_x with my hubby on Feb. 17th and March 6th. I also am having sore nipples, felt VERY light-headed yesterday (almost pa__sed out at work). VERY FATIGUED. AND, I've been nautious off and on. I also feel like I have a funny sense of taste and smell. The thing is, I stopped my BCP on Feb 10 about five days before that period was due so I really don't know when I ovulated last. Ugh. Please help if you can. Thanks, beantown girl.


jennylee2880 - October 25

I know this thread is old, but thought I'd post anyway. I started to have really bad period-like cramps at about 12DPO, which lasted for a few days throughout the day. It felt like my period was about to start, but when it never came I knew something was different. They feel just like menstruation cramps and some woke me up in the middle of the night. I finally tested positive on 20DPO.


Imadreamer - October 25

Hi Jennylee, Congratulations!! And actually your post was very helpful. I've been having very strange cramps for about a week now. They started 7dpo. I suffer with very bad menstrual cramps that come about a week before my period is due but they are just slight twinges and then on the day my period starts they are horrible. These are very different. It's hard for me to even explain them but they hurt! I also noticed a change in my CM to the point where it looked like I was ovulating again and thought maybe my calculations were wrong this month (even though my body is like clockwork). Anyways, my period is due on the 28th, so I guess we'll see. I keep running to the bathroom ready to get a tampon (b/c of how bad the cramps are), but nothing. Maybe it's just an off month for me but I'll be sure to update since I really appreciate those who come back with the outcome of their symptoms.


Imadreamer - October 26

Update: I woke up this morning to cramping and a light flow so I'm going to a__sume that this is my period unless it stops tomorrow since my periods usually last 3-4 days.



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