Implantation Cramps

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Annabell - September 13

Well today im still having cramping in the uterus area not bad just off and on and it feels like more pressure in the uterus still pale.My b___st are still sore but ot as sore. the veins are still noticable.and the nipples are like dry. my temp is 98.4 and again today it was the same yesterday. i have a stuffy nose but im not sick and my back was hurting earlier this morning. i cant wait 4 this week to end and hopefully get a bfp. itll be the best bday present. well anyone else have any updates let me know. best of luck to you all~*~*~baby dust~*~*~


hope - September 13

hi all! hi annabell - i still also have these faint cramps very similar to what i get during ovulation. 7 dpo. i also have a vague sore throat and some dizziness. i feel like i am coming down with something....


Annabell - September 13

Aww hope. I hope your not sick, it'll be hard to make out symptoms plus its just horrible being sick. Wish you luck. Yeah my cramps and pressurey fellings are still here. idk lets keep the fingers cross. ~*~*~babydust~*~*~


ashley - September 13

THANK YOU. I was sitting in cla__s today wondering if it is possible to cramp with implantation. I was sitting in cla__s and had a very low cramping sensation. IT wasn't painful and didn't last all that long. Its intermittent. My period is not due until Sept. 22. But I didn't know when implantation really occurs. I am on day 20 of my cycle. and I think about 6 DPO. What are others thoughts on this.


ashley - September 13

Hello again, I had to post again, because I had posted before with out reading all the posts first. I notice that we all have similar situations. We started the cramping around 6-7 DPO we know two have had faint positives, which is a good sign!! really got me excited reading this. I have a daughter who is five in a half. Its been awhile since I have been pregnant. My daughter was a "bonus from heaven" ha ha. She wasn't planned so I wasn't looking for signs of pregnancy. I have to share a story though. My husband and I were walking through walmart and it was baby days. They were having a drawing for a free crib/mattress/bedding set. So I told my husband I was putting my name in the drawing and if we won it was A SIGN that we need to start trying. Now he hasn't been fully convinced on the idea so being there were a TON of entries, he said okay. Well guess who won!!! yep a few days later I got a call. I won and my husband was left speechless. He has been trying to talk me out of it because I am still in College and close to graduating with my nursing degree. But the way I see it is its school will be perfect to distract me a little from the waiting game. Time goes by slow enough when you are waiting to meet your bundle of joy. GOOD luck LADIES! BEST WISHES


C - September 13

Just checking in. Good luck to all.


Jessica - September 13

Great Story Ashley, I think that's a pretty good sign....I've also been having some cramping the past few days..I'm 10-13dpo today and the wait is just killing me....I know what you mean about a bonus from heaven, my daughter who is 6 now was one also so tracking everything was not even on my mind. Now if I get the slightest difference in my body I notice it. Good luck to all and BFP's for everybody....


Annabell - September 13

Wow ashley thats really weird well take it as somethings meant to be. best of luck... Jessica good luck let us know how it goes. Yeah I agree we all seem to be having this cramping around the same time. well lets hope its a good sign. Best of luck 6-7days left and counting. grr its soo far away... well be back later ~*~*~babydust~*~*~


N - September 13

Hi everyone...we'll I'm officially addicted to pregnancy tests. I did another 2 today. It's costing me a fortune! I used to do them hoping for a non-BFN and now I'm doing them to make sure they're still positive..arrgg! When will this insanity end? Still having some cramping and it still feels like af cramping. Now I'm starting to notice an increase in very watery cm. Plus I have a cold which sucks. Hope, it sounds like you might have a cold too...hope it doesn't stick around too long. When is everyone testing? I have to stop myself from testing until at least Friday which is when af is due.


Ashley - September 13

I think its too early for me to test. I am thinking about testing Sept. 16 in the morning. My brother gets married that afternoon and there will be plenty of alcohol going around. I want to know before I even take a sip. If I am no drinks for me. good luck to all.


Heidi - September 13

Hi everyone! Congratulations to you who have had positives!! I've been having cramps on one side of my lower stomach for the past 2 days. It started 9 dpo. I'm due on the 17th, I think they could be implantation cramps but don't want to get my hopes up. My chest is slightly tender but not much so I don't know if that's my hopes telling me that they're tender so I'll think I'm pregnant or not! I'm left in suspense!


hope - September 13

hi all! N - I know what you mean about being addicted -- I am an official testaholic. Today I received 50 (!!!) HPT dipsticks that I bought online for only $25. A good deal for a testaholic. Cramps have continued on and off all day -- also, I had a coughing attack earlier and had sharp shooting abdominal pain. So weird. I have never had that before. I also had a sharp shooting pain in my lower back when i bent over to pick something up... Anyone else experience these?


Danielle - September 13

hello everyone well im in the same boat as all of you especially AA, im about 7 days past O i think and i ahve Af cramp feels like she has started but when i go to the bathroom -nothing i had one time wheni wiped and there was brown stuff just that once im going to test in the orning ill let you'll know keep me posted everyone GOOD LUCK everyone!!


Annabell - September 13

Danielle. Sounds prmoising good luck let us kno the results. were all in the same boat 7dop and having cramps and wanting to test. dont get dicouraged if u get a negative it might be to soon to get a possitive hcg might not have gotten high enough yet if a bfn try again on day af is due and doesnt come. best of luck. sending truck oads of ~*~*~baby dust~*~*~ to all


bump - September 14



Jessica - September 14

Good Morning....Congrats to all the BFP's and to all of us waiting I hope we get BFP's also...Today officially makes 14dpo...Annabell I know what you mean 6-7 days can feel like an eternity when you're waiting to test...The best thing though is that we have eachother to make the time go by faster...Ashley-good luck with testing on the 16th, keep us posted with the results...My cramping is starting to slow down but my nausea the past 2 nights has had me wondering and desperate to test...DH says that my mind might be playing tricks on me, I think he's just as anxious and nervous as I am. I'm trying to stay positive until the 16th when af is officially supposed to ashley we're about in the same boat as far as when we're testing...Let's see what happens...N-I know what you mean but once a BFP I think always a BFP...congrats to you too....



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