Implantation Cramps

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Annabell - September 17

Yeah thats a good idea. lol i think id end up taking them all then buying more from dis belief.. lol its like you cant seem to understand whats in front of your eyes when you do. i wanna test right now soooo bad..well ill def let everyone know what i get!! :)


Danielle - September 17

with my 1st preg. i test got neg and 4 days later got faint positive i then went and bought a 3 pack and did them all didn't really believe it till the doc confirmed, so i don't blame you if you use them all and buy more, just remember the chances of getting a false positive i like 1% and the chances of getting a false neg are really high so keep that in mind when you test hey if you wanna test right now i say go for it you got to find out something wish ya luck


Danielle - September 17

i ment sometime not something


ashley - September 17

well that is great. Dont be scared to test again. Im sure you will keep getting BFP. I am so happy for you. I guess I just decided to get my AF early :-( I am cramping again, and still having very light spotting even though I wasn't due for 4-5 more days. that is so irritating. I got lots of time though! The rest of the gals, keep us posted! I am really anxious to here how every one else is doing.


pujal - September 17

hello ladies..........hope everyone is doing well..........i am expecting my af(not) on 18/19 my LMP was 18 Aug.......i spotted on 6/7/8 and also yesterday.....for last few weeks i am feeling very cramped in my lower abs and also today got bad af like cramps.....i normally have three meals a day but or the last few days i dont feel like eating..........i dont know what to think ...i think its best to wait n watch


aish - September 17

hi..pujal i will pray for u that u wont get ur af.....even i am feeling cramps and sore b___bs...still 4 more days to come for my af ( which i dont want) wishes to all u girls


Annabell - September 17

Hey girls. Well I woke up at 6am tp pee like usual and i took a test in there with me. It was negative, i think i pee'ed to much on it though. oh well anyways it might just be to early. my temps till staying high, im nauseas, my b___bs are kind of sore, still ahve cramps. and omg i had this dream this morning. I took a pregnancy test and it came up positive and i took a picture of it to show you guys on here. The dream seems so real because everything was in place and you know how you have a dream and everything seems real but something not right in it like a doors no the same or its not decorated the same or the person your talking to isnt your husband even though he has the same name and is you husband and he is a different person you know. well nothing like that happened everything was right. So im thinking this might coem true because every other time ive ever had a dream like that it was rue like when my husband got into a car accident the night before i dreamed it, everything in perfect detail down to the cars and the orad it happened on. weird isnt it?? well im keeping hope everything still feels like hey your preggy just wait and you'll find out. It broke my heart whne i saw the bfn i almost cried. but then iknew i hvnt missed af yet so their might not be enough hcg in my urine. sorry for writting so long just no one else to talk to hubbys in iraq and my 4 yr old wnt understand lol and everyone else is doing something so I have you guys. well hows everyone doing?? I hope well. I just wan to thank everyone for their support its helping me soo much. Im hoping im doing the same for yall. Im carring extra baby dust this weekend to scare af away. lol


Danielle - September 17

annabell don't worry with my 1st i got one faint pos and like was like when i was 8 weeks the dr told me some people it just doesn't show up, i would test day af due and if its neg get a blood test then you won't have as much stress good luck


Annabell - September 17

Yeah thanks danielle im going to wait it out whatcha think of my dream pretty cool hunh? well ill let everyone nkow whats what on Mon.


N - September 17

Annabell - so sorry you had to get a bfn, they can be such a bummer, but don't lose hope it could still be too early. Awesome dream, it's likely a sign! I'm so sorry to hear your dh is away, do you have family around you? So I've spent the day getting ready for ds's party...I made him an eggless cake (used bananas as subst_tute) and it fell apart on me...oh well I'm sure he'll still enjoy it! I had a couple of episodes today where I felt ravenous, like if I didn't eat immediately I was going to die. Didn't happen with my first pg, other than that today I've had no symptoms, I don't even feel pregnant, but still no af. ~*~*sending you guys a truckload of babydust from Canada!!!!~*~*


hope - September 18

annabell - well i am in the same boat as you... 12 dpo and BFN this morning. and even worse am away for the weekend with one friend who has 2 kids and one who just told me she is 8 wks PG! we are ttc for our first. am feeling a bit down but still hopeful. baby dust for all of us!


bump - September 18



aish - September 19

hi ladies, any updates, any gre8 news ...... i am still waiting for my af(which i dont want) 2 more days to go and its like waiting too long .I am not doing any test as i had bad experience before so lets wait... i have still sore b___bs& slight tenderness in lower belly area... best of luck to all*** baby dust to all***


ashley - September 19

Hey ladies, well I think I am out this month. I am still spotting and my temp was low this morning. No longer elevated. Oh well next month right??? I'll be more attentive this month to whats going on. I hope every one else is getting BFP. But for those who got there dreaded AF, if you want to wait with me, let me know. We should exchange emails if you are interested. :-)


hope - September 19

all, i am out too. ashley and others who AF comes to visit, join us over at our new thread "expecting AF around October 17? join us!"


Annabell - September 20

Hey girls! Hows everyone been? well my computer crashed and had to put in a new hard drive today. it sucked. well all weeked i had pulling and tuggling feeling in my uterus area and still do today but also cramping like af only on my right side. Im spotting some today, started around 6-7ish and not bad spotting either. Nothing like af. so maybe its implantation bleeding?? the tugging and pulling is a ood sign. Ive slept practicualy all day. Went to bed at 12 last night got up at 11 and went back to bed 1230 adn didnt get up till 6 went and ate something and went back to bed and watched tv and thats were ive been till now my dad come over and fixed the computer when he got off work today. YAY ive missed my computer! Well lets see how tomorrow goes for me..maybe ill get a bfp :) N thanks yeah its hard with hubby over there, family is about an hr away but i have friends that come over sometimes otherwise im on here all day talking to you and taking my course. im curently trying to get my degree in buissness. Im a culinary cheif and im wanting to get my buissness degree so i can own my own restruant! wish em luck. i have my rn degree as well but never persued anything with that cooking is my pa__sion. I also a__sist in ballet. Im a ballet dancer and have been for 19 years almost 20 on mon. I was in it since I was 4. Its another pa__sion but more a hobby now. Hope. hows the af situation? hopefully no show for you. Aww i bet thats tough well just keep the prize in your mind. I had gotten a bfn that 12dpo as well hvnt tested today. but if tomorrow no af signs i will. Best of luck to you all!! baby dust. please let me know how your all doing!



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