Implantation Cramps

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Annabell - September 20

Hey girls! Hows everyone been? well my computer crashed and had to put in a new hard drive today. it sucked. well all weeked i had pulling and tuggling feeling in my uterus area and still do today but also cramping like af only on my right side. Im spotting some today, started around 6-7ish and not bad spotting either. Nothing like af. so maybe its implantation bleeding?? the tugging and pulling is a ood sign. Ive slept practicualy all day. Went to bed at 12 last night got up at 11 and went back to bed 1230 adn didnt get up till 6 went and ate something and went back to bed and watched tv and thats were ive been till now my dad come over and fixed the computer when he got off work today. YAY ive missed my computer! Well lets see how tomorrow goes for me..maybe ill get a bfp :) N thanks yeah its hard with hubby over there, family is about an hr away but i have friends that come over sometimes otherwise im on here all day talking to you and taking my course. im curently trying to get my degree in buissness. Im a culinary cheif and im wanting to get my buissness degree so i can own my own restruant! wish em luck. i have my rn degree as well but never persued anything with that cooking is my pa__sion. I also a__sist in ballet. Im a ballet dancer and have been for 19 years almost 20 on mon. I was in it since I was 4. Its another pa__sion but more a hobby now. Hope. hows the af situation? hopefully no show for you. Aww i bet thats tough well just keep the prize in your mind. I had gotten a bfn that 12dpo as well hvnt tested today. but if tomorrow no af signs i will. Best of luck to you all!! baby dust. please let me know how your all doing!


Angela - September 26

I have been reading you ladies' threads and i have a question? How long does it take to get back to ovulating normal after you have been on the pill for a few years?


Rochelle - October 6

To Angela, Sometimes ovulating will start during your next cycle. I was on the pill for 6 years, after I finished my last pack, I ovulated my next cycle.


Bridget - October 11

Hello ladies. Hoping someone can answer my question... I am 13 dpo, have had pink/beige spotting - only when I wipe and not all the time, yesterday and today, not enough to even show on a panty liner. Starting to get cramps and I was wondering if anyone knows what implantation cramps feel like? Are they as severe as AF cramps or lighter??? I am totally clueless and have visited about 1000 sites and haven't really found an answer yet. Thanks!!!


Borah - October 16

I am ttc and had cramps the other night but no AF. If this is implantation, how long should I wait to test?


Kel - October 16

I'm also experiencing cramps like my period is coming or I have to go to the bathroom. When I do go to the bathroom it's a struggle and I'm usually regular (like clockwork)I am 16 dpo...on day 32 of a 29-30 day cycle and tested negative this morning...can I still be pregnant?


Borah - October 16

Kel...I think you could still be pregnant. Good luck.


dh - October 18

I've been trying not to think to much about this because I don't want to be disappointed again, but for the last few days I've been having these weird cramps (I don't know if that's the right word?) in my right abdomin. I should be about 7 dpo. My nipples are also SUPER sensitive. My period should show up around the 25/26. Since I've gone off the pill it's fluxulated by a day or to give or take. I guess what I was just wondering is exactly where do you feel it when it is implantation? I've not had any spotting either. And even though I've been a bit more tired than normal it could be just my job. I've never given birth before so I'm running blind. But is does my hopes good to read the happy stories here.


Kel - October 19

BFP on tuesday yippie...i'm pregnant


To Kel - October 19

Congrats and Good Luck!!!!!!!!!


katie lea - October 19

HI All, I have been reading all of you stories and I decided to jump in. I know I could use the support. This is our first time to try to conceive. I can currently at about 13dpo. I have also been experienceing some cramping similar to af cramps. I got anxious this morning and tested a fbn. I have also had sore nipples. N - I also never have cramps except for the day of, so I am thinking this is a good sign. However, I am still bummed about the bfn. Good Luck to everyone!


jessicaspatherapist - October 19

i had major cramps and brown discharge on sunday (i was convinced it was implantation bleeding)... i'm 14 or 15dpo and i started light spotting this morning only after i did #2 (sorry TMI).... so i'm totally confused and if it is AF i would rather she just hurry up and flow! also, i've tested - all week...


DaBonkElsMe - October 19

Katie lea - just FYI these posts are all over a year old on this thread so many of the woman on this thread are no longer around. Best to keep to the first page or two of posts to stay current.


Jacqui001 - January 9

Hey everyone. I've been trying for the past year to concieve with my fiance, after the loss of our son Thibault (still-birth) I'm six DPO and have been experiencing dull cramping/lower back ache that had never occured with my previous pregnancy. My period is due Jan 18, so I'm uncertain. I've also been experiencing slight nausea in the evenings. Could this be a sign of pregnancy?


cherryzz08 - January 9

My period is due Jan 16th. Im at 9dpo, And at 7 dpo started geting almost pinching like cramps in my lower abdomen on the right. Also have a dull lower backache with the top of my back as well. I get cramps When I cough too.


River-May - December 16

Hi,I had a misscarriage 4 month-did not know I was pregnant it happened.My partner and I spent Saturday and sunday together and I I felt a short kind of cramp. The next morning I woke up and was in so much pain that I was hospitalised but they sent me home unable to figure out what was wrong.So I was ondering if anyone ever got that and if it could have been implantation cramps. Today it seems af arrived but it should not have com for another week or so and its different somehow. ..



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