Implantation Dpo 15

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Janet - January 23

Is it possible??


michelleb - January 23

I'm not sure. I'm on dpo 16 myself, and haven't had any implantation bleeding at all. I got my first faint bfp on dpo 11, and have since followed up with a very dark bfp. I wondered how late implantation could take place myself as I've had no bleeding, even spotting at all. But I'm kind of relieved with no spotting cause my first pregnancy had so much spotting, it made me and everyone nervous all the time. Although, we do have a healthy 16 month old daughter from that pregnancy, it was stressful getting her here at times. Sorry this is so long. But I guess it's spotting only you're okay cause we had it off and on throughout the pregnancy.


krissy - January 23

no ib bleeding is fine...actually it is more common not to have it than to have from all the material i have read....i never had it and i am at21 dpo and sure i wont have it so dont worry!


michelleb - January 23

I'm not sure what your question was, Janet, and I know I didn't answer it with my first post. So if you're asking if it's possible to have implantation on dpo 15, I just read this on another forum: "In 10 percent of pregnant women, the embryo does not implant until after the first day of a missed period (and again, hCG is not produced until the embryo implants in the uterine wall). " In a 28 regular cycle, the day after a missed period would be dpo 15. Hope this helps.


k. - January 23

You don't necessarily spot on implantation. I didn't with my son.


Betul - January 23

HI Michelle...As the others said, bleeding, spotting, and or cramping with implanation is not that common. Most women don't experience this signs. I never experienced with my ds and I 'm not looking now for it as a sign. Congrats on your BFP!!!


Deb - January 23

If you are asking if it is possible for implantation to occur at 15dpo, then yes it is possible, however the later you implant, the higher your risk of miscarriage. If you are asking if it is possible to have implantation spotting at 15dpo, then the answer is yes, it is possible. I had a smear of brownish cm at 16dpo and my doctor told me it was implantation bleeding, but most women do not have implantation bleeding.


Janet - January 23

I had ovulation on 6th Jan, and on 15 dpo I started bleeding. I thought it was a period since I had taken a blood test the day before. But the bleeding is less and brownish in colour, now on 17 dpo, its over. I usually have 5-7 days.


michelleb - January 23

Sounds promising, Janet. Are you having any other symptoms? And thanks for the congrats, Betul! I'm not letting myself get too excited as I've mc before... but it does feel right and good now... I really feel I might make it this time. Thanks again. And everyone else, hang in there for your bfps... they will come.



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