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confused - May 22

HI All I am 5 days past ovulation and I am bleeding brownish and red not heavy. I am also nauseous??? What do you think am I preg???? Anyone ever have the same symptoms?? I am not due for af until 5/30 or 31!!!!


ms c. - May 22

hi the same thing happened to me but my period came two days late,and it was brown, and i got some red. also it only lasted 5 days instead of my usual 7 days??


to confused and ms c - May 22

you both could be experianceing ib...have you tested yet? good luck and lots of baby dust!


confused - May 22

No test yet I think it is too early and I dont want to be dissappointed....Do you think it is too soon I am really due on 5/30 or 21???!!!


ms c. - May 23

no i havent tested yet, ill have to wait! its so nerve wrecking!!!!!


Confused - May 23

Hi all just tested BFN!!!!! My bleeding has decreased though and I just feel funny...Headaches, nauseuos, exhausted...but I am not really due until 5/30 I tested way too early, I was so upset!!! I will wait until next week to try to test again....I just don't get it I have never EVER had an early period in my life...


ms c. - May 24

hi confused, i hope that things work out for you, keep me posted on that! i have a question, could someone tell me EXACTLY what implantation bleeding is? I know a little bit but still a little unaware. how long does it take to do after intercorse?


hailey - May 24

Hi, I have looking around tryin' to figure out more about Implantation Bleeding, since I thought I had it, but turns out, not, cause I got my period and BFN. I found out only 10% of women really even have it (about). It usually happens 8-10 days after ovulation. The egg implants in the uterus after 5-10 days, but it takes a while for the blood to show up (a few days down the tubes!)--it supposed to be very light, pink or brown, and only at the tip of your cervix, you should not see hardly any on your pad. That is what I read anyway. I don't know what happened to me last month, doc said just hormonal fluctuations.


ms c. - May 24

hi hailey thanx for tha info.. it really helped!


amy - May 24

hello the same thing happened to me my was really fait pink since the 19 then it stoped a few days later i should get mine on the 30 or 31 to


Confused - May 24

Hi All, today no bleeding until tonight, I just don't get it. If I don't get normal Af I will test again If I get it I will start bding again soon. I am just so cranky and my DH says something must be up, I am still exhausted, and cranky, and headaches...I dont know!!!


ms c. - May 25

hi all,im really confused i have headaches and cramping and sometimes i can feel a little tingaling in my belly b___ton(crazy i know) also in my b___st! i guess time will tell whats goin on



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